To lose a Son, Heartbreak, Pain, and Grief, now this, being Irish now, in your own Country, you are just a third Rate Citizen, if your Lucky? We are being Pissed on, all over the Country? Logan Jackson, will do Less Time?

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‘Traumatised’ — Mum of murdered Limerick champion boxer slams decision to transfer killer to UK

10th May 2022

Mr Sheehy’s mother Tracey Tully has slammed the decision to transfer Jackson back to the UK to carry out the rest of his sentence, saying she was told it would be 10 years before it would be considered. Mr Jackson has currently served six months of his sentence. PIC: Collins CourtsThe mum of murdered Limerick boxer Kevin Sheehy has slammed the decision to transfer his killer back to the UK next month.

Mr Sheehy, who was a five-time Irish boxing champion, was murdered at a house party in Limerick by Logan Jackson — originally from Coventry in England — who ran him over repeatedly with a Mitsubishi Shogun jeep. He was sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

Jackson (31), of Longford Road, Coventry, England had pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to Mr Sheehy’s (20) manslaughter at Hyde Road in Limerick city on July 1, 2019.

The 10 jurors took just two hours and 30 minutes to unanimously reject a defence of provocation put forward by Jackson. 

Mr Sheehy’s mother Tracey Tully was told last Saturday that Jackson will be transferred to a prison in England for his crime — something she believed wouldn’t happen for at least 10 years.

‘On Saturday evening, I was told by gardaí that Logan Jackson will be sent back to his own country to finish his time,’ Tracey told Liveline. ‘And that was the first I’d heard of it.

‘The trial had just been finished five months, so you could understand we’re traumatised. I’ve been trying to live a very simple life — I don’t have a phone or social media or anything like that. So we were told this on a Saturday evening, and that it was out of the gardaí’s hands, and that the decision was made.’

Tracey was previously told after the trial concluded that Jackson would be serving at least 10 years in Ireland. She said: ‘At the end, the decision was made without any confirmation to us.’

Tracey then remembered her son, who was due to become a dad just before he was murdered. His daughter, who the court said will grow up ‘knowing her daddy was a hero,’ was born just one month after his murder.

‘He was robbed of so much,’ Tracey said. ‘We were all robbed of so much, because I knew what Kevin wanted to do with his life, but we’ll never know what he could’ve done.

‘[Kevin] was very respected, and loved in the community,’ she continued. ‘If you met Kevin, you knew he was special. He was so real — it was very rare.’

A statement from the Department of Justicewas later read out: ‘The Department of Justice is very conscious of the deep trauma and suffering experienced by the families of murder victims in Ireland, and the Minister would like to extend her deepest sympathy to the family of Mr Sheehy for their loss.

‘The Department is precluded from commenting on the management of sentences of individual persons,’ the statement said, attaching an appendix on how internationals convicted of crimes can be transferred to prisons in their home countries.

Tracey said: ‘It’s like a luxury for him. We’re still dealing with [Kevin’s death]. Justice for me would’ve been me walking out of that courtroom with my son. I feel very let down.’

When asked what she would say to Minister for Justice Helen McEntee following the announcement that Jackson will be transferred, Tracey said, ‘I would like to ask her if there’s any way shape or form, or if it’s not too late to get this decision reversed.

‘It’s too big to deal with right now. And [the decision] feels like it’s all in Logan Jackson’s benefit.’

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