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BAIL CHANGE Two men accused of having drugs outside prison are now allowed associate with each other

Mr Hennessy is also accused of attempting to convey drugs into prison.

Devon Hennessy

Devon Hennessy

May 14 2022 09:15 AM

TWO men accused of possession of drugs outside a Dublin prison have had bail conditions relaxed so they can associate with each other.

Devon Hennessy (26) and Leon Travers (24) were both arrested and charged with drugs offences after an estimated €400 worth of tablets were seized from a car near Cloverhill jail last year.

Judge Gerard Jones agreed to change their bail terms after their defence said they had a close family tie.

He remanded them on continuing bail for the directions of the DPP.

Mr Hennessy, of Edgewood Lawn, Blanchardstown and co-accused Mr Travers (24), from Whitestown Drive, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 are charged with possession of zopiclone at Cloverhill Road on Cloverhill Road last October 15.

Mr Hennessy is also accused of attempting to convey drugs into prison.

A garda told Blanchardstown District Court the prosecution was seeking more time for the directions of the DPP, and sought an adjournment.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said he was making an application for a variation to existing bail conditions.

The terms, set last October, included a “non association” condition and Mr Fleming asked the judge to remove this.

He said there was a “close familial tie” between the two accused, as Devon Hennessy’s partner was a first cousin of Mr Travers.

Mr Travers could not now associate with his cousin as a result of the condition. The case had been before the courts since last October, the value of drugs allegedly involved was €400 and Mr Fleming asked the judge to exercise his discretion and delete the condition. Mr Fleming said his clients enjoyed a presumption of innocence.

The gardai objected to the removal of the bail term.

Judge Jones said he would “take a chance on” the accused and deleted the condition, saying they “can associate.”

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He adjourned the case to a date next month.

At their first court appearance last October, gardai said the accused made no reply to the charges after caution. Gardai had not objected to bail and it was granted in their own bonds of €300 each, with no cash required. Under conditions, the accused must stay away from Cloverhill prison.

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