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Speaking freely. Listening to debate. Holding up a protest sign. Voting. Or maybe just choosing who we want to dance with. In some places, these things make you the enemy.  

Throughout our history, Open Society has proudly stood beside those who value freedom, democracy, and justice: the enemies of tyranny. Our “Be the Enemy” digital advertising campaign serves as a reminder that Russia’s war against Ukraine and its democracy is part of a wider global struggle—one we all have a part in. 

Watch “Be the Enemy” and learn more about our work in Ukraine.
Voices A Dispatch from Kyiv Resiliency in Ukraine
“The citizens are heroes, living bravely in the present, looking forward with hope.” Oleksandr Sushko, executive director of the International Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine, reflects on the resilience of Ukrainians returning to Kyiv. 

He also shares an update on how our Ukraine Democracy Fund is bolstering civil society in the country, including helping vulnerable groups of people who have been forced to leave their homes and assisting localities so they can better support a massive influx of displaced civilians.
Ukraine’s Independent Media Q&A: Telling War Stories Under Fire
It is incredibly tough to cover war against an enemy who wields disinformation amid the bombs and bullets. Yet thousands of displaced Ukrainian journalists carry on. Stanislav Liachinskiy from the International Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine shares reflections about the trials and tribulations of the media partners he supports.
Democracy in Action Q&A: Working Towards a More Representative and Participatory Democracy in France
Audrey Fortassin of French nonprofit Tous Elus tells us about her organization’s efforts to get people out to vote, the importance of diversity and renewal, and what the organization is doing to boost democracy in France.
Fighting COVID-19 A $100 Million Booster for Vaccine Equity
As the fight against COVID-19 continues, all countries need access to vaccines, not just the rich ones. Open Society’s $100 million commitment to COVAX will help deploy millions of vaccines to the nations most in need.
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