America, No Entry, unless in Hand Cuffs; the Heat is on now, No Hiding Place, well maybe the Sahara, or back to the Bond Flats? The Posse is Riding and Gaining Ground?

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Net tightens on Kinahans as over 600 people connected to gang banned from US

 16th May 2022

Over 600 individuals connected to the Kinahan gang have been banned from entering the United States.

The entry ban arrives just several weeks after worldwide financial sanctions were issued against seven members of the Kinahan organized crime group and two connected companies.

With Christy Kinahan snr, his sons, Daniel and Christopher Jnr, and four of their associates already banned from entering the US, Assistant Garda Commissioner John O’Driscoll revealed that over 600 individuals have ‘been denied entry into the US’.

A meeting between Mr O’Driscoll and US Customs and Border Protection, has left the Garda Commissioner believing other countries will deny entry to those banned from entering the US.

‘We’re satisfied that the people concerned who are involved in criminality associated with that organized crime group will be denied entry into other jurisdictions, if they were to try and gain entry,’ he told RTE.

The sanctions appear to focus on boxing in particular, as Mr O’Driscoll gave an insight into how companies associated with the family will be affected.

He explained: ‘What has been displayed as a consequence of the sanctioning is the connection between the Kinahan organised crime group and, for example, sport – and businesses associated with boxing in particular. And its connections with the US are a particular focus of the US authorities…

‘Of course, we’ve seen the wide range of other companies associated with those that are sanctioned.

‘And anyone who has any part to play in any of those companies will be prevented from entering the US.’

© Provided by Extra.ieThe members of the Kinahan gang affected by the sanctions. Photo: US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control

On top of the sanctions issued against the Kinahans, the US Department of State announced last month they’re offering rewards up to $5m for information that could lead to the prosecution the group.

A meeting at the Drugs Enforcement Agency saw Commissioner O’Driscoll help set up a system which will ensure any information received on the gang will be used to take appropriate action.

‘We’re satisfied following our meetings here in Washington that there has been considerable interest in that reward scheme to the extent that it requires some logistics around the sharing of the information and evaluating each piece of it.

‘The amount is significant. It ranges in quality, but certainly does offer the prospect of additional actions being taken by law enforcement across the globe,’ he said.

Commissioner O’Driscoll is satisfied ‘there will be additional actions in relation to criminal prosecution, both in Ireland and maybe further afield relating to those who are at the apex of the Kinahan organised crime group’.

The initiative aimed at the Kinahan family ‘is now described as a potential template for taking on other organised crime groups that have a transnational aspect to them’, according to Commissioner O’Driscoll.

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