When Families Fall out, it can get very Bitter?

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Family members were business partners — and rivals

DJ Carey's sister Catriona, right, pictured with fellow Irish hockey star Emer Cregan

DJ Carey’s sister Catriona, right, pictured with fellow Irish hockey star Emer Cregan


April 25 2012 06:18 AM UP DATED BY FRED BASSETT

A RIVAL cleaning business was set up by DJ Carey’s sister Catriona and other family members in 2009 — highlighting the intense business and personal relationships swirling around the former sports star in recent years.

Catriona Carey, herself a former international hockey and camogie star, set up the company in their hometown of Gowran, Co Kilkenny.

It came after a high-profile falling-out with DJ.

  • In business terms, she had previously been the closest member of the family to DJ — as he had taken her onboard as a director of his cleaning supplies business back in 2001. The two were co-directors of the company for eight years.

Catriona first joined DJ in business after his former wife Christina had stepped down as a director.

The business relationship between them suffered a dramatic, and much commented on, breakdown in 2009.

She parted ways with the company and set up a rival firm, Carey Cleaning Supplies.

And far from going out on her own, Catriona went into business with other family members.

The directors of Carey Cleaning Supplies are Catriona, alongside her sister Liz Carey and mother Maur

Back at the original company Catriona was replaced as a director by DJ’s then girlfriend Sarah Newman — who claimed at the weekend that it was she who first called in the auditors to investigate alleged financial irregularities at the business.

Those mystery transactions ultimately became the subject of a garda investigation but, despite running for much of last year, that investigation has not led to any prosecutions.

Carey Cleaning Supplies is running at a loss, according to accounts filed with the Companies Office, though that is not unusual for new companies.

The accounts show that the business had a shareholder deficit of €9,000 at the end of April 2011 — half the loss recorded the previous year.

Shareholder deficits are common in new companies as they struggle to break even.

Catriona Carey, a qualified accountant, also works in that field and has an interest in a local petrol station, where sister Liz was also a director for a period.

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