Poor Helen, from the Nobber, a Victim of Attempted Scam, Shocking, Bless her, but, these new Laws, are Dangerous, Smells of the Paddy Cooney Heavy Gang Dark Days?

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Helen McEntee: I was target of attempted scam by text message

26th May 2022

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has revealed that she was the target of an attempted bank scam via text message.

Speaking at the Garda Representative Association conference yesterday in Westport, Co. Mayo, the minister said: ‘I received a text yesterday from Permanent TSB to tell me there were issues with my account… Obviously, the first problem was that I don’t even have an account with Permanent TSB. But the fact that technology is enabling criminals to do their work in a different way means that you [gardaí] have had to adapt and change.

‘At every one of these major milestones, gardaí, individual gardaí and teams of gardaí have stepped up to the plate and have really done everything to keep us safe.’

There is no indication that Ms McEntee was personally targeted by criminals looking to access her bank account. It is likely that the text she received was a common ‘phishing’ scam, which targets consumers by sending a message, appearing to be from a well-known source.

In March, gardaí reported a 370% surge in fraud-related crimes within 12 months.

Gardaí say that members of the public should be wary of unsolicited phone calls (vishing), emails (phishing) and texts (smishing), and not to click on any links sent their way.

The most prevalent frauds purport to be from a person’s bank, or other financial institution. Intended victims are invited to click a link which leads to a cloned website, and the individual’s PIN is subsequently sought.

Before her address to the annual Garda Representative Association conference yesterday, Minister Helen McEntee revealed details of her plan to use facial recognition technology to identify criminals – and she said that she ‘cannot agree’ with civil liberties groups who warn that the technology is an invasion of privacy.

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