The Fullerton Family, Deserve the Truth, but Sadly, may Never Get it?

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British secret service ordered killing of Sinn Féin councillor, TD tells Dáil

26th May 2022

THE Dáil has heard allegations that British military intelligence directed its agents, including a serving British soldier, to assassinate an elected representative in Donegal 31 years ago.

Sinn Féin councillor Eddie Fullerton was shot dead on May 25, 1991, with claims that a subsequent programme of State-sponsored murder was approved at 10 Downing Street.

The allegations were made under privilege today by Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, Sinn Féin TD for Donegal, who told Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney that the agents involved would be “brought to justice” in the future, even if the British Government passes its amnesty legislation.

Mr Mac Lochlainn said he would like to name ‘Person K’, a person he identified as a “mass-murderer” on behalf of the British state, and “may do in time”.

He said: “Person K will not be able to hide forever. He went on to oversee the massacres at Castlerock and Greysteel.”

The latter took place at Hallowe’en in 1993, when gunmen shouting ‘trick or treat’ opened fire in a bar in Co Derry, killing eight and wounding 19. At Castlerock in the same county, and in the same year, gunmen shot dead thee Catholic workmen and a colleague who was a member of the Provisional IRA.

Mr Mac Lochlainn said Person K was responsible for the murders of 12 innocent people. “He’s a psychopath and a mass murderer, a British military agent with a licence to kill, even after Greysteel.” A police agent was convicted of being involved in that massacre but Person K was still protected, he said.

“Evidence of his involvement is absolutely overwhelming. One of the persons convicted of Greysteel identified Person K as overseeing the entire operation, from securing the vehicle that was used as the getaway car, to providing the weaponry, to making sure they [the gunmen] practised the route. He wasn’t present, but he oversaw the entire matter,” Mr Mac Lochlainn said.

“His fingerprints were caught on a plastic bag with the weapons used in Greysteel. He was not convicted. But he will be brought to justice. And the problem for the British state is that when he is brought to justice, so will be those who gave him the orders. And that goes right up, I believe, to 10 Downing Street.

“I believe they were carrying out a series of targeted assassinations of Republicans, from Pat Finucane [the lawyer shot in his Belfast home] to Sinn Féin councillors, including Eddie Fullerton.”

He told Mr Coveney that he was prepared to meet with his officials “and divulge information that we’ve unveiled, thanks to the Fullerton family.”

He said a ‘Person J’ had recently left the British Army just before his involvement in the Fullerton murder. “Person J was found in possession of hundreds of intelligence files on Republicans in early 1991, prior to Eddie Fullerton’s assassination. Within those files were the names of two other Sinn Féin members, councillor Bernard Hagan and member Tommy Casey. Both of those men were murdered later on in 1991,” Mr Mac Lochlainn said.

Mr Mac Lochlainn claimed Person J was involved in these murders while out on bail. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to six months for possession of the security files.

He added: “I just want to say that Person J and Person K are still alive today, and they may think that they can hide from justice. They can’t.

“So I want to send a message to the British State and security service who may think they can cover up all of this. We know what you did.

“We know those who carried out these acts for you. They may try and hide. They might try and close down their Facebook accounts, which these two people have.

“But they will not hide from Justice. The families will have justice, and the British state will have the full truth told about their role in the conflict in the North.”

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