These Foreign Sex Perverts, need to be Caught, Urgently? Shocking to be Abused in a Hospital Bed?

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Second Naas General Hospital doctor accused of sexual abuse still on run 11 years on

Dr Pathmadevan Rathnam, who has been struck off the Irish Medical Register, fled the country after coming under investigation

Dr Pathmadevan Rathnam (Image: RTE Investigates)

A doctor accused of sexually abusing two young men in an Irish hospital is still on the run from gardai 11 years on from a number of allegations being made against him.

Dr Pathmadevan Rathnam, from Malaysia, has emerged as a second medic who worked at Naas General Hospital that faces such claims but fled the country after coming under investigation.

And it has left one of Rathnam’s alleged victims, who has bravely spoken out, without answers while suffering with extreme depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

:RTE Prime Time viewers left horrified after investigation into conduct at Naas General Hospital

The doctor was struck off the Irish Medical Register and will never practice medicine here again.

In an RTE Investigates expose, it revealed how allegations were first made by a boy against Rathnam in late February 2011, who claimed he was touched by the doctor in the genital area while in hospital.

Just days later, a 19-year-old man also made claims against Rathnam, saying he was sexually assaulted six times previously.

Naas hospital says they suspended Rathnam on February 28 2011, the same day they received the first allegation.

In a statement it said: “In February 2011 hospital management were made aware of serious allegations against a non-consultant hospital doctor.

“The nature of these allegations were described as ‘inappropriate clinical examinations’.”

Nass General Hospital from RTE Investigates (Image: RTE Investigates)

It added: “On the day the first complaint was received, the Hospital convened a serious incident review meeting to consider this complaint. On that day the Hospital decided to suspend the doctor from duty with immediate effect, pending the outcome of a Trust in Care process.”

But it took the hospital over a month to report the doctor to the gardai, the Irish Medical Council and HSE Child Protection Services.
By the time gardai launched their probe in April of that year, Rathnam had fled the country.

Last night, cops confirmed the probe is still underway and involved international police agencies.

A spokesman said: “An Garda Siochana is restricted as to what it can say in respect of any named entity and named individuals, either suspect or injured party.

“An Garda Siochana can confirm that in April 2011 one formal complaint was made concerning allegations of sexual assault by a Doctor at a Hospital in the east of the country.

“A person of interest in this investigation left this jurisdiction in early 2011, prior to any formal complaint being made to An Garda Síochána.

“No file has been submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions at this time.

“This is an ongoing Criminal investigation, which includes liaison with Interpol and other Police authorities.”

Rathnam – who qualified in medicine from the National University of Ireland in 2008 – had his medical registration cancelled in 2015.

One of his alleged victims, referred to as “Ryan” in the programme but is not his real name, claims he suffers effects everyday.

In October 2010, the then 19-year-old Ryan was referred by his GP to Naas General Hospital suffering from severe anaemia.

He was placed under the care of Dr Rathnam, who is claimed to have woken his victim up to abuse him.

Ryan recalled: “It was late, I was asleep, he came in and woke me up, turned on the light above the bed.

“He said ‘I need to just do an examination and I need you to slide your trousers and underwear down, I need to examine you below’.

“I thought well yeah okay because I was complaining of stomach pains and pain in my groin so I thought this is all normal, it is just routine.”

He continued to visit Ryan during the following three nights, allegedly inappropriately touching him on each occasion.

Four months later, in February 2011, Ryan was again severely anaemic and went to the Emergency Dept at Naas Hospital.

This time Rathnam was not part of the medical team assigned to care for him but despite this, he says Rathnam visited him at night a further two times, again allegedly sexually assaulting him on both occasions.

Documents seen by RTE Investigates revealed that on several nights when Ryan says he was assaulted, Rathnam was not scheduled to be working.

The victim later told his mother and she persuaded him to report his concerns.

A minor had also alleged Rathnam had also inappropriately touched him while at Naas Hospital.

Although the hospital and gardai were aware Rathnam had fled Ireland, Ryan wasn’t told.

He added: “For a whole year I lived in fear of what if I bump into him in the supermarket, what if I see him in the street.”

Naas Hospital “sincerely” apologised for the poor communication.

Over 11 years after his sexual assaults by Rathnam, Ryan is still suffering.

He said: “For many, many years I’ve suffered extreme depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, it affects your sexual life, it affects your everyday life.

“But I knew I had to get to the end because I knew that was the only way I could feel any relief from this and I did until it all happened again to someone else and now I feel like it is me all over again.”

Late last year, it emerged Dr Aamir Zuberi, who also worked at Naas General Hospital, was under a garda investigation for four seperate incidents of suspected sexual abuse on unconscious patients.

Aamir Zuberi
Aamir Zuberi (Image: RTE Prime Time)

The anaesthetist is being probed over the 2016 to 2017 allegations.

But after leaving the country, RTE revealed he was working at Aga Khan Medical Centre in Singal, where he was registered with the Pakistani Medical Commission.

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