Thomas Bomber Kavanagh is an Alias, his Name is Paul Christopher Harvey, born 1967?

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See the source image

“The defendants here today:

“Gary Vickery is 39 years old (date of birth 3 January 1983). He has no previous convictions. His address is Solihull. He also owns a property in Spain. Daniel Canning is his brother in law.

“Daniel Canning is 43 years old (date of birth 18 September 1978). He has no previous convictions. His address is Solihull.

“Thomas Kavanagh is 54 years old (date of birth 10 September 1967). His recorded name on his PNC is Paul Christopher Harvey; Thomas Kavanagh is recorded as an alias name.

“He has 16 previous convictions dating back to 25 April 1985, including convictions in Ireland for burglary, possessing firearms and ammunition without a certificate, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

“He has convictions in the UK on 30 January 2017 for fraud and intent to defraud the public revenue for which he received a suspended custodial sentence. His most recent conviction in the UK is on 2 September 2019 for possession of a disguised firearm (stun gun) discovered during the search of his home address in connection with this prosecution, for which he received a three year custodial sentences. His address in Tamworth.

“It is the prosecution case, and it has been accepted by the defendants, that each defendant holds a ‘leading role’ in the organisation. Thomas Kavanagh sits at the head of the organisation, with Gary Vickery immediately beneath him and Daniel Kinahan is subordinate to Vickery.

“Others known to be involved.

“Martin Byrne was a business associate of the defendants. The evidence indicates that he was involved in the unloading of drugs and the insertion of cash into machinery used for transportation. A DNA sample from the extractor rod of the firearm which is the subject of count 4 produced a match to Martin Byrne. He occupied a position on a similar level to Canning but Byrne is deceased, having died on 5 August 2018 of lung cancer.

“Emanuel Rosenzweig, also known as Nikolaj Wall, is a German national. Rosenzweig/Wall played a key role in facilitating the importations from mainland Europe. It is notable that Kavanagh had contact with Wall during the indictment period on 24 June 2017. The German authorities have indicated that they are conducting their own investigations into Mr Wall and he is currently in custody in Germany.

“Z is a Polish national and associate of the defendants. During the indictment period he owned an industrial unit in Barcelona, Spain, which was used in the operation, and was the individual who initially received 10 GPS trackers in August 2017, purchased in Poland and used by the defendants to track the movement of deliveries. His current whereabouts are unknown.”

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