According to Today’s Irish Papers, Christy the Dapper Don Boss of the Cartel, wants Information, if McGovern is a Tout?? Time will tell, Paranoia is Creeping in Fast?

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Kinahan ally emerging as new leading figure in Irish gangland, gardaí believe

Cartel associate appears to be ‘stepping up’ to fill void left by dismantling of Byrne organised crime group

Fri May 27 2022 – 17:19

A Kinahan cartel member who has relocated back to Dublin has begun to emerge as a key figure in the criminal underworld following the Garda’s dismantling of the Christy Kinahan-founded “Byrne organised crime group” in the city.

Gardaí believe the man, a Dubliner in his 30s, is now in a prime position to take on a dominant role in the drugs trade after a period of unprecedented flux in Irish gangland over the past four or five years.

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