Ian Bailey, is now going to Make his own TV Series, he is Sick, of being Used by Others. What a Legend, in West Cork, What about France?

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Sick of being ‘commodified’ — Ian Bailey plans own series on Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder

'I felt used and abused, not by Jim Sheridan’s production on Sky, but by the Netflix production.' Pictured, Ian Bailey who is now living in Glengarriff. Photo: Mark Condren
A videograb from Jim Sheridan's series on the killing Murder at the Cottage

‘I felt used and abused, not by Jim Sheridan’s production on Sky, but by the Netflix production.’ Pictured, Ian Bailey who is now living in Glengarriff. Photo: Mark Condren

Ali Bracken

May 29 2022 02:30 AM

Ian Bailey, the former chief suspect in the murder of Sophie Tuscan du Plantier, says he plans to produce his own podcast and documentary series about the infamous killing.

The 1996 murder of the French film producer in west Cork was the subject of two major docuseries last year, on Netflix and Sky.

Speaking this weekend, Bailey said he had been left feeling “commodified” in the aftermath of the two high-profile series, and has therefore initiated his own production focusing on his entanglement with the killing.

“Twelve months ago, two rival film productions came out and my life changed forever. I felt used and abused, not by Jim Sheridan’s Sky production but by the Netflix production.

“My new year’s resolution was to drink less and smoke less and also to no longer be exploited as a commodity by Netflix and Sky,” he said. “I was commodified and there was no financial gain for me. People assume I was well rewarded for my involvement.

“I received only a small amount for legitimate expenses. But people have made considerable sums of money. I’m not begrudging Jim Sheridan. The Netflix programme was seen by millions of people and the Sky series by a lot less.”

The former journalist claimed he is due to begin production on his own podcast and documentary series entitled, Ian Bailey: In His Own Words within weeks. He said he has enlisted the services of a Cork filmmaker to collaborate on the project.

“There will be six two-hour podcasts. As well as 12 hours of audio. We will also be filming a documentary simultaneously.

“The first chapter is entitled ‘Rebuttals’ and will feature myself in the dock. Questions will be put to me in a mock-trial scenario and a barrister will play the role of devil’s advocate.”

The 65-year-old Englishman was twice arrested by gardaí but never charged over Ms du Plantier’s murder. The State has refused three French attempts to extradite him but magistrates nonetheless convicted him in absentia in Paris in 2019. 

Bailey has repeatedly denied involvement in the killing.

The garda investigation into Ms du Plantier’s murder remains live. The cold-case unit recently carried out a “scoping exercise” into the killing of the 39-year-old mother of one.

Bailey has said he would welcome a renewed garda probe.

A preliminary review by specialist cold-case investigators into the murder was completed in January.

The report — which was to recommend whether or not a full cold-case review into the murder is warranted — was then submitted to one of the most senior gardaí in the country, Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll.

It is understood the team examined whether forensics issues and advances in technology would make the case worth revisiting.

It also examined witness statements and whether people who declined to co-operate 26 years ago might now have changed their position.

Gardaí have not officially announced whether or not a full cold case review into the murder has been begun.

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