Gangland Feud in Finglas, gone way out of Control, 50 people Charged with Drugs Offences? Murder, Arson, Petrol Bomb Attacks, Gardai under Severe Pressure, in keeping Innocent people Safe, in their own Homes?

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Mob boss ‘Mr Flashy’ recruiting teens to fire bomb homes of murder victim James Whelan relatives in bloody gang war

  • 8:00, 29 May 2022
  • Updated: 18:37, 28 May 2022

VILE mob boss ‘Mr Flashy’ is recruiting teenagers as young as 14 to take part in his bloody gang war.

The thug’s ‘Gucci Gang’ are targeting kids to fire bomb the homes of innocent relatives of murder victim James Whelan.

Murder victim James Whelan
Murder victim James WhelanCredit: Collins Photo Agency
A Finglas house w=where a arson attack on the house occurred
A Finglas house w=where a arson attack on the house occurredCredit: Garrett White – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin

The Dublin youths have been receiving payments in designer clothes, footwear and bling.

Since the murder of Whelan, 29, in Deanstown Avenue in Finglas, on April 3, Whelan’s mother Sonya, who is not involved in crime, has also been taunted about her son’s murder on social media.

The Whelan family home was also burned out in one of the criminal gang’s sickening attacks.

A hit team for the ‘Gucci Gang’ also targeted Whelan’s innocent brother in Dublin City Centre.

Mobster Mr Flashy fled country days before attack on murder victim's family home

I'm a wreck - we are in limbo, says mum of murdered boxer amid jail transfer plan

I’m a wreck – we are in limbo, says mum of murdered boxer amid jail transfer plan

On that occasion, gunmen raked the wrong house with gunfire. Following last weekend’s fire bombing, Whelan’s family have now left Finglas and are staying a different location in the capital.

And we also understand some key players in the feud recently forked out fortunes to have bullet-proof windows installed in their homes.

One local told us: “Tensions are still high in the area and there are concerns there could be further incidents of violence.

“The Gucci Gang have turned to teenagers as they attempt to bolster their ranks because they’re worried about revenge attack

“Flashy continues to lead the high life while grooming young people to become involved in serious crime.”

A Finglas-based Garda told The Irish Sun on Sunday how the feuding gangs had “terrorised” the local communities for months.

Garda Daniel Sweeney, who has worked in Finglas for 16 years, made the claims at the Garda Representative Association’s 44th annual conference in Co Mayo.

The garda said: “It’s the belief of my colleagues and I that we need additional armed patrols in the Finglas area.


“We have been dealing with tit-for-tat violence for months now. There’s a concern innocent people could be seriously injured, or worse, in this feud.

“My colleagues have done tremendous work so far, with the help of the local community, and they will continue to do so.

“But frontline officers need help and more support in areas where the violence has taken place. I would also argue that there is a need for more training for frontline officers.

“These criminal groups have shown complete disregard for the local community they have terrorised and some of those involved in this feud are very young.


“The community has been working with the Gardai and our priority will always be to keep communities safe in Ireland.”

During the feud, there have been petrol bomb attacks, grenade attacks, brutal assaults, attempted abductions and shots fired at the homes of innocent people.

The rival factions have also used social media platforms to issue threats and taunt each other.

Gardai have also seized firearms, recovered drugs and shut down the property Mr Flashy’s gang were using to plan attacks.

In the most recent operation this week, Gardai recovered a firearm and made four arrests. A house was also petrol bombed after the Garda operation on Thursday.

New €500 payment available to thousands of Irish from TODAY

As Gardai continue to probe the violence linked to the feuding mobs, they have seized €1,058,064 worth of drugs and €84,983 in cash.

Fifty people have been charged with possessing drugs, while 25 people have been charged with possessing drugs with intent to supply.

Garda Daniel Sweeney, who has worked in Finglas for 16 years
Garda Daniel Sweeney, who has worked in Finglas for 16 yearsCredit: © 2022 CONOR Ó MEARÁIN. NO REPRO FEE.
The scene of Whelan's fatal shooting
The scene of Whelan’s fatal shooting

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