Shocking to Read, Senator Daly’s Face, or Photo, was used by Fraudsters, Robbing massive Amounts of Cash, from Lonely Women, Looking for Love, and Romance. Shocking to think, your photo, could be used as a Gigolo, or Romeo to Scam Women, online?

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Kerry Senator Mark Daly wants swift action after his photos were stolen for NZ Tinder fraud

Senator Mark Daly

Senator Mark Daly

May 30 2022 12:49 PM

THE chairman of the Seanad has called on authorities to take swift action after his image was used as part of a money-swindling operation on Tinder.

Several of the Kerry-based senator Mark Daly’s photos were used on the dating app by scammers who conned huge sums of money from women.

The campaign appears to have been primarily centred on New Zealand.

When contacted by The Kerryman, Senator Daly issued a statement explaining that he has referred the matter to Gardaí.

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“I am obviously horrified at the idea that unbeknown to me my image could be used in such awful activity especially where people have been defrauded. I am genuinely shocked that my picture could be taken and used like this,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know any more about how this happened at this moment but my hope is that the authorities will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.”

Senator Daly declined to comment further.

One New Zealand woman sent the equivalent of €315,000 in New Zealand Dollars to a profile using several pictures of the Fianna Fáil politician.

She told the news website that she had become “infatuated” with the profile after matching with it four years ago.

This profile used the fake name ‘Rodney Mullen’. The woman, who spoke to under the alias ‘Donna’, said the fraudsters posing as ‘Mullen’ pretended to be a Dubai-based building executive.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, another woman sent more than NZ$1million to someone operating under the fake name ‘Fred Ritterman’. This profile also stole and used pictures of Daly.

Other victims have posted online that they were also targeted by fake profiles that stole and used Senator Daly’s photos.

The fraud campaign has led to calls for a parliamentary committee to be established in New Zealand to look into the series of scams.

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