Well is there any Fianna Fail Backbencher, who Could Stand up, and Say Derek, you are Wrong, I dont think so?

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Derek Byrne

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All week the #Parashites of #FineGael#FiannaFail & #TheGreeds were out in force telling us how great this country is doing.

Just look at the Airport and you see that this country is a basket case.

Nothing works because for years those that shared power carved up the tops jobs for their friends ,Family and party Donors.

They put the most useless clowns in positions of power paid them excessive salaries from our Taxes and allowed them to decimate our public services.

Here is the reality of #Cronyism & #Nepotism played out for the world to see.

Back when these #Parashites bailed out Zombie banks with Taxpayers money and used the excuse about international reputation to silence dissent.

What about our international Reputation when tourists arriving or trying to escape this cesspit?

Are none of our politicians embarrassed by this cluster fuck? What right thinking tourist would come to this country to face having to stand in that after two weeks of been ripped off traveling around this shithole?

Then again when these tourists get here and they have to battle it out with the Homeless and Refugees for hotel spaces it really isn’t a good look for our country and all because we allowed Gobshites in suits make decisions they quite clearly aren’t capable of making.

The four party’s off Fianna Fail , Fine Gael ,The Greens and Labour have destroyed our public services through underfunding.

They have awarded massive corporations who funnel Billions of wealth through our country massive tax cuts , subsidies which should have been used to invest in public housing, Transport network, Health care ,security and education. They have over taxed people living here many who are on low pay precarious contracts and now the results are been laid bare for the world to see.

The Fucking Paddy’s are a laughing stock. Our Hotels are filled with homeless families and Refugees all because our councils stopped building public housing so #Vultures could profit off our backs. Massive subsidies awarded from our Taxes to these parasites to build over priced apartments that no one can afford to rent never mind buy and they get the luxury of paying no Tax on their profits. A win win for them and we yet again lose out.

Our hospital system is in chaos, we’ve over a Million people waiting on elective surgery while they #Pondscum in power squandered over 2 Billion on a hospital in a location that’s not fit for purpose.

Wait till you see the queues of people trying to get into that if it ever opens and if it opens they won’t even have the money to run it.

We’ve children all over the country with special needs who can’t find school places but sure that’s hardly shocking after all we seen how successive Government’s treated those with special needs when they cut SNA hours or took back medical cards from those with Down Syndrome and cancer, whilst awarding millions to the Rich.

The Minister in charge used the words “Normal Children” the other day ,so it’s hardly surprising that yet again the most Vunerable in society are been abandoned.

We have prices rising and the best these clowns can do is blame the bloody Russians. They had a chance to do something and they twiddled their thumbs as they allowed that gobshite Eamon Ryan increase #CarbonTaxes at a time when families stuck in the poverty trap created by these four party’s struggle to put food on the table and heat their homes.

They used the excuse of funding needed to retrofit homes ,yet that is behind schedule, nearly two years. They’ve wasted Billions on another dodgy Contract to supply broadband which is also way behind schedule, but those behind that contract are laughing all the way to the bank.

They keep talking about rising inflation and how things are going to get worse, yet they are doing fuck all to fix anything.

How the fuck can things get much worse because nothing fucking works the way it is suppose to.

It’s time we shut down many of these quangos that were created to give family, friends and Donors of these party’s jobs and direct the money into providing proper public services.

Time to stop wasting Millions on Inquiries and instruct the Gardai to investigate the many scandals that have engulfed our country ie #Siteserve#Fraudband#IBRC and #BordPleanala to name a few

Time to end the political Gravy Train of hundreds of useless and ineffective councils and councillors around the country. All we need are regional councils , four In total to deal with Ulster ,Leinster ,Connaught and Munster.

Time to cut the number of TDs in the Dail the majority who obey the party whip anyway are just a drain on the Taxpayer, this money could be better spent elsewhere like improving the many communities ravaged by crime and drugs which have been ignored for years by these wasters.

But that will never happend because the destruction of our country has been by design by an entitled class who have enriched themselves through Greed off

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