Why not Name, the Crazy Chainsaw Paddy, who Went Berserk in Paris,

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Student attacked by chainsaw-wielding Irish roommate says he is recovering well

Sebastien Piat who was attacked by Irish room mate in Paris with a chainsaw

Sebastien Piat who was attacked by Irish room mate in Paris with a chainsaw

Alan Sherry

May 31 2022 10:37 AM

A BUSINESS student whose Irish roommate tried to decapitate him with a chainsaw says he is recovering well from his injuries and wants to put the incident behind him.

An 18-year-old Irishman was arrested by police on suspicion of attempted murder after the attack earlier this month but was subsequently transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

The Irishman was studying at prestigious business school École Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (Essec).

He carried out the brutal attack on his 25-year-old roommate Sébastien Piat at their apartment in Cergy in the northwest suburbs of Paris on May 11.

The victim, who was also a student at Essec college, was left in a critical condition in hospital following the unprovoked attack, while the Irishman was initially arrested before being admitted to a psychiatric hospital as an attempted murder inquiry got underway.

Sébastien said that he is recovering well from his injuries and is hoping to move on from the attack.

“I am trying to put this story behind me and would not like to talk too much about it. I only want to tell you that I am fine and recovering well,’ he said.

Reports in France said the Irishman told his roommate he wanted to give him a gift before the incident and asked him to close his eyes before reaching for the chainsaw and attacking him.

Neighbours raised the alarm after seeing Sébastien covered in blood in a communal area of the apartment block.

When firefighters arrived they found he had suffered chainsaw injuries to his neck, throat, chest and abdomen.

Reports also suggested the Irishman may have initially been planning suicide but then attacked his roommate in an unprovoked incident.

He caused his victim serious injuries until Sébastien managed to wrestle the chainsaw off him and throw it out the window of the apartment.

Sébastien then staggered, covered in blood, to the ground floor of the building where he alerted neighbours to the attack.

He underwent a number of emergency surgeries and is now recovering well from the incident.

A spokesperson for Pontoise prosecutor’s office said: “The investigations are continuing within the framework of a judicial investigation (…) of the count of attempted murder.”

However, the Irishman is likely to avoid prison due to his mental state at the time of carrying out the attack.

A spokesperson for the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs said they were aware of the incident but had yet to be asked to provide consular assistance.

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