Dublin City could become, like Old Dodge City, Guns Blazing, Time will tell, the Bounty is bringing in Massive Intelligence on the Cartel?

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Gloves coming off’ as Kinahan cartel ‘plans war on Dublin streets over international crackdown on its leaders’

Exclusive: ‘Daniel has nothing left to lose’

Daniel Kinahan

The Kinahan cartel is planning war on the streets of Dublin – because of the international crackdown against its leaders, investigators fear.

“The gloves will be coming off soon,” a source warned last night.

And, 50 days since American authorities offered rewards of up to $5 million for the capture of Christy, Daniel and Christopher Kinahan, sources have told The Star that gardai gave identified a triple whammy of reasons why the €1 billion euro cartel will bring the guns out in Dublin for the first time in years.

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