We will Never Forget, the Gubu Years, and the Attorney General, at that Time?

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GUBU 40 years on: The summer of terror that still haunts Irish society

Malcolm MacArthur
Detective Inspector Noel Conroy (right) and Detective Sergeant Dennis Donegan, with Detective Sergeant Tony Hickey out in front, take Malcolm MacArthur from the Bridewell following his first District Court appearance for the murder of Bridie Gargan. Photo: Art O’Callaghan (Part of the Independent Newspapers Ireland/NLI Collection)

Malcolm MacArthur

June 03 2022 02:30 AM

It felt like nobody was safe: a mad man was murdering people randomly, outdoors, in broad daylight, in the most savage manner possible. And somehow, he was getting away with it. Anyone who lived through the summer of 1982 will never forget the air of palpable tension and atmosphere of near panic.

It led every TV and radio bulletin and swamped the newspaper pages, with people clamouring for every latest update on the case.

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