Mum ‘terrified’ for young kids as they are forced to sleep rough on streets of Dublin. (Mental illness yet again causing serious marginalisation not just to the person concerned but to the family. Bipolar has to be managed but with this level of anxiety no medication or structure is possible without sorting out the basic human rights needs of this person and her family). Shame on the politicians – mental illness is that Cinderella profession that receives half the % of GDP figures it is due by comparison to other European Countries and the UK; and the vulnerable suffer way out of proportion. Source: Dublin Live

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Mum ‘terrified’ for young kids as they are forced to sleep rough on streets of Dublin

Ellen, her partner and two young kids became homeless after moving back to the capital


Homelessness Dublin family
Ellen’s two young children are sleeping on walls and in parks

A family who have been left homeless on the streets of Dublin city centre are desperately pleading for help to find accommodation for the bank holiday weekend.

  • Ellen Ryan, her partner and two young kids are originally from Dublin and recently moved back to the city.

However, the family has been unable to find accommodation to house them all, and face spending another night in a park.

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Speaking to Dublin Live, Ellen explained that she is desperate to get her young kids, aged two and four, into safe accommodation.

She said: “My family is originally from Dublin and we lived in the countryside before moving back recently. We are walking the streets today looking for a place for the night we’re homeless this bank holiday weekend, last night we slept in a park because there’s no-where that will house me, my partner, and our two kids.”

  • Ellen, who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and severe anxiety, is on medication with her partner acting as her carer.

She said: “I had an awful childhood and the trauma its causing to watch my children go through similar, it is honestly making me feel like a bad mother and it’s just making me want to give up.

  • “I have a letter from the doctor saying about suicide attempts and that my partner is my carer, but they just don’t care.”
Dublin family homeless
The Dublin family are struggling to find accommodation
  • Ellen said that they have approached Dublin City Council for help to find accommodation, and that they were turned down.
  • She said: “We were told that they would give us a place at O’Shea’s for one night and that after that we would have to find our own way. Yesterday they called to say we had a homeless assessment and the man didn’t even speak to us for 60 seconds.”

Now Ellen is worried sick and “terrified” for her two young children.

She said: “My son is two years my daughter is four, no child should have to go through this, I need my partner with me at all times because he’s my carer. I don’t know what else to do, we’re desperate for any help.”

Dublin Live has contacted Dublin City Council for comment

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