The Beast Murphy, could be Caught, yet, after all these Years?

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Larry Murphy’s evil prison pal knows his ‘darkest secrets’ – he can crack Deirdre Jacob mystery, says victim’s sister

  • 7:00, 3 Jun 2022

A PSYCHOTIC killer was quizzed by Gardai about his close bond with sex beast Larry Murphy, The Irish Sun today reveals for the first time.

Last month we told how Murphy’s pal, Rory O’Connor — seen here together in never-before-seen photos — is serving time in Scotland after he murdered his fiancée, Diane Nichol, 57.

Convicted rapist and suspected serial killer Larry Murphy, left, with Scottish pal convicted double rapist and murderer Rory O'Connor, right
Convicted rapist and suspected serial killer Larry Murphy, left, with Scottish pal convicted double rapist and murderer Rory O’Connor, rightCredit: Padraig O’Reilly
Larry Murphy and Rory O'Connor in the Westerpark area of Amsterdam, Holland
Larry Murphy and Rory O’Connor in the Westerpark area of Amsterdam, HollandCredit: Padraig O’Reilly
Pals Murphy and O'Connor on a motorbike
Pals Murphy and O’Connor on a motorbikeCredit: Padraig O’ Reilly

Now Diane’s heartbroken sister, Gail Atkinson, is urging gardai to have another crack at O’Connor as she is convinced he knows some of Murphy’s “darkest secrets”.

Although O’Connor is serving a life sentence for Diane’s brutal murder, Gail hopes the convicted rapist, 54, will come clean about his pal’s evil past.

We can reveal today that O’Connor was interviewed by gardai a number of years ago by officers probing the disappearance and murder of teenager Deirdre Jacob in 1998.

But in the interview, The Irish Sun understands, he refused to elaborate on his relationship with Murphy, 56.

Larry Murphy's pal murdered fiancée - despite sister's warning over sick past


DPP weigh up plans to charge Larry Murphy over murder of teen Deirdre Jacob

O’Connor had previously suggested he would co-operate with gardai but consistently changed his mind.

A source said: “He intimated he had information but was never forthcoming. There’s always hope the situation might change now that he’s serving life for murder.”

At present, Murphy remains a prime suspect in Deirdre’s murder with a file on the case currently being considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

But now that O’Connor has been convicted of murder, his victim’s sister has urged him to “finally do the right thing”.

Gail said: “There’s no doubt that O’Connor will definitely know stuff about Larry Murphy — they were together for a very long time.

“When we approached him about his relationship with Murphy in the past he confirmed it.

“He also tried to tell us that the police had asked him to keep an eye on Murphy but we never believed him.

“O’Connor is the only person Murphy was seen with after his release from prison so it shows you that there was a trust there.

“I would love to see O’Connor finally doing the right thing and coming forward with information on Murphy but because he’s so evil I’m not sure.”

Gail also said: “O’Connor preyed on my sister’s vulnerability before brutally murdering her.

“I would like to see him in prison to ask him why [he did that] and maybe the police should also visit him again to ask about Murphy.

“My sister had lost her way and then he came along before taking her from us.

“Thank God we got my sister[’s body] back and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those poor women who have never been found.”


O’Connor struck up a friendship with Murphy while in prison on a rape conviction. He was released from prison in 2008 and moved to Holland.

And once Murphy was released from prison in 2010 after serving his sentence for rape, he later joined O’Connor in Amsterdam.

During the time in the Dutch capital, the pair worked and socialised together and shared a scooter as means of transport.

The pair worked in a logistics firm and lived in the Westerpark area.

Our exclusive images show the pair enjoying life in the major European city.


The pictures were taken by photographer Padraig O’Reilly, who said: “They were like two weirdos because they interacted with nobody. It was just the two of them all the time.

“Neighbours were shocked that someone like Murphy was living in their area.

“At the weekends they would always go on fishing trips and you could see there was a close bond.

“They always looked very rough and no-one ever took notice of them.”

O’Connor was the second prisoner to be interviewed by Gardai about Deirdre Jacob’s disappearance.

Another inmate who’s serving life for murder has in the past told gardai how Murphy boasted about his involvement in the teenager’s disappearance.

The prisoner made his first statement to officers in 2011 claiming that Murphy boasted he was behind her abduction when they were locked up in Dublin’s Arbour Hill prison.


It’s not clear when the DPP will make its decision on whether or not to charge Murphy with murder and abduction.

Before Diane was murdered, Gail told how she had confronted O’Connor about his violent past but he claimed he had been wrongly convicted.

She also established details of Murphy’s conviction and saw a video of Murphy with a man in Amsterdam.

Although the man’s face was pixelated, she says she could tell it was O’Connor.

Gail said: “We found the story about him being a rapist pretty quickly.

“We then saw the video [and] while his face was blurred, we knew it was O’Connor. We tried to warn my sister but he was manipulating her and always tried to see the good in people.

“We tried to tell her that he was as dangerous as Murphy and that’s what happened. He was a dangerous man who couldn’t be stopped and my sister couldn’t be saved.”


During O’Connor’s trial at the High Court in Edinburgh in April, the court heard how his victim had been left with multiple “car crash” injuries.

Last month the High Court in Edinburgh was told neighbours heard banging coming from the flat.

When cops arrived, O’Connor let them in and told his stricken fiancée: “Diane wake up, come on get up.”

Officers saw bloodstains and a large clump of hair lying beside Diane as she lay face down. She died in hospital that night.

O’Connor was caged for 15 years. Shattered Gail added: “I’d say to any woman reading this who is suffering behind closed doors — get out [of the relationship] now before it’s too late.”

Deirdre Jacob missing since 1998
Deirdre Jacob missing since 1998
Gail Atkinson and sister Diane Nichol
Gail Atkinson and sister Diane Nichol
Convicted rapist Larry Murphy, 45, who served 10 years of a 15 year sentence for a brutal attack on a woman in the Wicklow Mountains
Convicted rapist Larry Murphy, 45, who served 10 years of a 15 year sentence for a brutal attack on a woman in the Wicklow
Rapist Rory O'Connor
Rapist Rory O’Connor

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