A Family in Grief, Losing their Son, now this. McEntee, Leo’s Puppet, has Shown no Respect, or Sympathy to this Family, and Helen has no Time for Willie, thats the hard, Facts, Tracey Tully Deserved Better? Her Son was Murdered?

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Govt knew of my son’s killer’s transfer TWO months before we did – we are totally let down, murdered boxer’s mum says

  • 8:00, 5 Jun 2022

THE Department of ­Justice knew about the decision to transfer boxer Kevin Sheehy’s killer to a UK prison TWO months before informing his family, it can be revealed.

The murder victim’s heartbroken mum Tracey Tully told The Irish Sun on Sunday she has been told by Fianna Fail TD Willie O’Dea the decision to accept Logan Jackson’s transfer request was made in March.

Heartache...Kevin's heartbroken mum Tracey Tully
Heartache…Kevin’s heartbroken mum Tracey TullyCredit: Brian Arthur – The Sun Dublin
Killer Logan Jackson was caged for life last
Killer Logan Jackson was caged for life last DecemberCredit: © Paul Beard

But she said her family were only told about the controversial move on May 7.

As 31-year-old Jackson, who repeatedly ran over Kevin with a Mitsubishi Shogun jeep while he lay prone on the ground, prepares for his transfer, his victim’s family are seeking legal advice over a temporary injunction to stop the move.

British national Jackson’s move has been granted after he was jailed for life in December for the barbaric murder of 20-year-old Kevin on July 1, 2019, just weeks before the young boxer was due to become a dad.

Fianna Fail TD O’Dea confirmed: “The Department came back to me last Tuesday about this case and they informed me the decision was actually made in March.

“I find it reprehensible and appalling that Kevin’s family have been treated in this manner. I think this whole process has been done for the convenience of the system.

“This was a savage and unprovoked murder and Kevin’s killer must have applied for the transfer straight away.

“I think this transfer could have been prevented by the Minister because the decision is at her discretion. The only avenue left for the family now is legal action.”

Kevin’s mother has also written to the Irish Prison Service and the Justice Minister Helen McEntee’s department to establish when the decision was made.


The grieving mum has received correspondence — seen by The Irish Sun on Sunday — from both organisations, who each claim that the other has responsibility for the information.

She said: “All I want is for someone to tell me when this application was made, but we’re just being ignored.

“If we had been told in March then we would have had more time to seek legal advice and seek an injunction — but we’re up against the clock now.

“This decision is uncommon and it looks as if my son’s killer is jumping the queue. We were traumatised during the trial and here we are again living an absolute nightmare over this decision.


“I wish we were afforded the same rights to oppose and fight this decision. We have been totally let down by the Department.”

A Department of Justice spokeswoman said they will work for the rights of victims of crime to partake in the opt-in Victim Liaison Service in the wake of the case.

The spokeswoman said: “The Victim Liaison Service, within the Irish Prison Service, allows for victims of crime to be contacted directly by the Prison Service where there is any significant developments in the management of a perpetrator’s sentence as well as any impending release.

“This is an opt-in service in recognition of the fact that some victims may want to be kept informed, while other victims may choose not to be for personal reasons.


“In March, the Irish Prison Service made a recommendation to the Minister in relation to the transfer of a prisoner and this was approved.

“In any instance where a victim has registered with the Victim Liaison Service, they are informed that an application for a transfer has been received and a recommendation is being made to the Minister.

“Unfortunately, no contact was registered with the Victim Liaison Service in this case prior to the decision being made.

“The Department, along with the Irish Prison Service and other criminal justice agencies are  working on promoting the rights of victims of crime, including publicising their right to register with the Victim Liaison Office and to be kept informed of any significant sentence management decision taken.”

In a letter sent to the family last week,  Minister McEntee said she was “very conscious” of the “deep trauma and distress” experienced by families.

The Fine Gael TD also confirmed Jackson would serve his full sentence in the UK.

The Justice Minister said: “I can assure you that where a person is transferred under the Convention, undertakings are given by the state the person is transferring to that they will continue to enforce the sentence imposed by the Irish courts.

“While the decision on setting the minimum tariff is entirely a matter for the High Court judge in the UK who will consider the case, the starting point for the minimum term for murder is expected to be 15 years.”


The latest development also comes after Kevin’s partner, Emma Colbert, 22, last month revealed her ongoing pain.

Emma was pregnant at the time of the barbaric killing and gave birth to the couple’s daughter Kevaeh just a month later.

She added: “Why didn’t the Department reach out to me to see the devastation this has caused.

“I will never be able to put into words how our lives have been since Kevin was taken.

“I have to bring my child to see her daddy in a graveyard while he gets to see his family.”

Boxer Kevin Sheehy was killed just weeks before he
              was to become a dad
Boxer Kevin Sheehy was killed just weeks before he was to become a dadCredit: Sportsfile – Subscription
Kevin's grieving partner Emma and their daughter
Kevin’s grieving partner Emma and their daughter Kevaeh

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