The Ghost of Thug, Robbie Lawlor, still Haunts Drogheda, and Belfast?

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Murder probe Fiancée of slain criminal Mark Hall posts support after €20k award offered to help find killers

Mark is believed to have been murdered because of his determination to avenge the death of his best friend Warren Crossan, a suspect in the murder of Dublin gangster Robbie Lawlor

Mark Hall was shot dead in west Belfast last December

Mark Hall was shot dead in west Belfast last December (PSNI/PA)

June 04 2022 06:29 PM

The fiancée of murder victim Mark Hall posted her support for the £20,000 reward put up to find the love of her life’s killers.

Sabrina Wilde, who was due to give birth to their second baby girl at the time of the brutal killing, posted a thumbs up emoji beside a statement revealing that the charity Crimestoppers had come forward to help the victim’s grieving family achieve justice.

Sabrina, who is believed to have relocated to Spain after Mark’s sickening murder, was on the phone with her husband- to- be when she heard the fatal shots.

Paying tribute to him at the time she said: “Mark was a great partner and a great dad. He always made me feel protected and he was so good to me.

“What I’ll miss most is his smile, his personality and his laugh – he was so funny and bubbly. He appreciated every moment in life, even the little things. Yes he had done things in his life that he regretted a lot but he was a good family man.

“When I found out I was pregnant with Freya, he turned his life around. He got himself a good job and was settling down,” Sabrina Wilde said.

Mark is believed to have been murdered because of his determination to avenge the death of his best friend Warren Crossan who was gunned down in similar circumstances the year before.

Known criminal Crossan was murdered in revenge for the death of ruthless Dublin mobster Robbie Lawlor who was lured to Belfast and shot dead. All paid the price for their involvement in the criminal underworld.


While news of last weeks reward was welcomed by many, some friends of Mark fear it is a sign that the police have come to a dead end in their investigations and that is why the bounty has been offered.

“You become a bit sceptical when rewards are put up by Crimestoppers, it’s almost as if it’s the polices last roll of the dice, you become a bit concerned that we will never find his killers like so many other families but we have to have faith that big Mark will get justice,” said one close associate who did not want to be named.

The PSNI say the substantial reward was to help jog peoples memories in the ongoing and relentless murder investigation.

Mark Hall (31) was murdered in a gun attack last December, which happened exactly a week before Christmas leaving his close West Belfast family shattered.

His ten-year-old nephew who witnessed the murder has been left “traumatised for life.

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Mr Hall who had been living in Drogheda visited his mother in the St James’ area on the fateful day to bring Christmas presents to his family.

He was in the front room of his mother’s house when gunmen arrived at the door. Family memners were in the room with him when he was fatally shot.

Speaking about the reward Detective Chief Inspector Neil McGuinness, who is leading the investigation, appealed to people with information to come forward.

“Mark Hall was shot dead in a brutal gun attack at his family home in Rodney Drive, Belfast, on Saturday December 18. Just after 4.30pm, two gunmen approached the home and one fired shots through the front window of the house. Mark was critically wounded, and sadly later died.”

“I am keen to jog memories, and am appealing to anyone with information to please do the right thing and come forward. I am particularly interested in locating the vehicle used by the gunmen.”

To stay anonymous, contact Crimestoppers directly on freephone 0800 555 111 or complete their anonymous online form at There is no caller line display, no 1471 facility and computer IP addresses are never traced.

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