“Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it”. George Santayana. We have just witnessed the Spectacle of Platinum in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. But we must not forget the dark side. Dictators remain causing mayhem and destruction; their goal being absolute power, divinity and wealth beyond measure. The cost is borne by the ordinary people.

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Chay Bowes 


#India like #Ireland was conquered by the #British for the benefit of the #British, its wealth and resources plundered to enrich the colonizers and their #Monarchy. Tens of millions dead, Billions stolen 59% of the British Public believe the #Empire is something to be proud of.


Reparations: Ireland did not receive them nor did any other country, as far I am aware. Empires are about Predators stealing resources from the vulnerable or those they perceive to be vulnerable. The truth is people will take so much and then the rise up and they eventually achieve independence. Today we see President Putin who due to COVID-19 isolation conjured up a 5,000 word essay of revisionist history on the basis of Catherine the Great, Peter the Great and whatever else that embedded a deep sinful pride in him that resulted in his sanction of the invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainians with the world at their side will defeat this Imperialist.

Professor O’Hagan Trinity College Dublin made a very interesting point at some lecture he gave. He spoke of the significance of the Land Annuities being withheld from payment by a decision of De Valera and his legal team, Michael Comyn KC, Gavan Duffy KC and others. The British retaliated but in time this will be considered a significant source of reparations paid by the British Empire to the Republic of Ireland. https://mural.maynoothuniversity.ie/12109/1/David%20Gahan-PhD-2017.pdf

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