Thinking Wallets, was for holding, Cards, and Cash, Silly me, anyway, a Donation, and back to Work.

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Man with cocaine in wallet fled gardaí

 8th June 2022

A man who ran from gardaí when he was stopped for a drug search admitted when he was caught: “I have white in my wallet.”

Ross Sheridan (29) had “got a fright” and had €150 worth of the drug on him, a court heard.

Judge David McHugh adjourned the case and said he would strike the charges out, leaving Sheridan without a criminal record, if he made a €200 charity donation.

Sheridan, a shop worker with an address at Rosewood Grove, Lucan, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs and obstructing a search.

Blanchardstown District Court heard gardaí were on duty at Willsbrook Park in Lucan when they spotted two men and told them they were going to search them.

The men ran off and when Sheridan was eventually stopped, he admitted: “I have white in my wallet.”

Cocaine worth €150 was found.

The accused had no previous convictions and although he ran, once he was stopped by the gardaí, he was “easy to deal with,” the court heard.

Sheridan was working in a shop and living at home with his parents.

He got “such a fright about the matter,” his solicitor said.

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