Garda Jessica Feeney, has Social Media, gone through the Roof, Innocent of anything, until a Fair Hearing, thats the Law? What a Body,

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Perjury is a crime last time I checked. The full force of the law should be applied

Bodybuilder Jessica Feeney Garda Drops Her Lawsuit Claims Much To Farmers Relief

A private investigator covertly recorded her in a gym doing reps with weights of …. 40+kgs. And after Jessica was presented with this video in court and after the judge warned her about what his ruling could mean for her career, she folded and withdrew the two claims.

Jessica Feeney Garda is a bodybuilder who withdrew the injury claim after the video of her weightlifting comes out.

Suddenly hitting the limelight is a bodybuilder Garda Jessica Feeney who changed her statement immediately after things did favor her in the court. She had alleged two cases of personal injury in the year 2018 and 2019. 

However, a video of her weightlifting for almost 40ks got her into trouble. hence, she has now taken back her claims.

Who Is Jessica Feeney Garda? 

Jessica Feeney, of Kilmore Road, Knocknaheeny, Co. Cork, filed two sets of High Court cases in 2018 and 2019 in response to two incidences in which she claimed she was injured.

Further, Feeney sued Sean Barron of Adamstown, Co. Wexford, for an incident in April 2018 in which she was struck by the door of a passing horsebox he was towing while on duty as a garda.

Her attorney stated in court that his client suffered from severe headaches and torticollis of the neck as a result of the collision.

Following this, in 2019, Ms. Feeney filed a High Court action against MCD Productions, music, and festival organizer, when she was attacked in Croke Park while attending a Westlife show.

Jessica Feeny Bodybuilder Lawsuit Claims and Amount

Jessica claimed she had already received €3,000 in compensation from the assailant, Jackie Walsh of Clonard Park, Ballybeg, Co. Waterford, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison on a suspended sentence for inflicting the injuries.

Further, the bodybuilder testified over the course of three days that she had previously suffered from depression and anxiety, that her condition had worsened as a result of these two incidents, and that she would now avoid crowds and only go outside in the company of a close friend or family member for security reasons.

Sean, a farmer who was sued by a bodybuilder garda after a horsebox gate reportedly injured her in the head, claimed he had no idea she had abandoned her personal injury claim and added, “Sure, what good is it to me now?” Insurance premiums are exorbitant.”

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