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Threats Sinister ‘call-out’ videos shared as feud reignites between Kerry and Limerick gangs

Gardaí diffuse scenes on streets of North Kerry as feud ignites following stabbing of young Tralee man

Screenshot of one of the videos posted.

Screenshot of one of the videos posted.

June 08 2022 09:12 AM

Gardaí moved scores of young males from a number of public areas in Listowel and Ballybunion on Monday as a bitter feud between gangs erupted after a man was stabbed on Saturday.

The young Tralee man was attacked in Ballybunion late on Saturday night in a fracas in which he received a number of non life-threatening stab injuries. He refused to go to hospital for treatment.

It is feared the assault has now re-ignited a dangerous feud between Kerry and Limerick gangs as a number of so-called ‘call-out’ videos were posted to social media in the hours since.

Gardaí were called to Ballybunion on Monday to disperse a large group of young men, who had travelled there from Listowel and Tralee intent on locking horns with the group from Limerick – who had by then left the resort. A similar situation in Listowel was also diffused by gardaí on Monday.


In one of the videos, filmed in Ballybunion, an unseen man threatens to chop his assailants ‘to bits’: “There won’t be an [name of rival Limerick gang] to come to Ballybunion for the summer. The first one we catch we’ll chop him to bits.”

Another sinister video, filmed in Tralee, shows a masked male again threatening the Limerick gang, with up to 20 males – all masked – behind him. “No more peace boys,” he vows.

And in a video apparently filmed in Limerick another gang – through their spokesman – vows ‘I’ll get my hands on ya ya woolly f*****g woman and I’ll bate the head off ya, ya f*****g eejit.”

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