Hard to Imagine, this Evil, lived in South Dublin, Syed thought, he could Kill, and Get Away with it? Syed took the Cowards, Way out?

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From exposing his disguise to his violent past – the evidence that was going to see killer Sameer Syed get a life term

  • 8:00, 11 Jun 2022

EVIL killer Sameer Syed was facing a life sentence due to the evidence stacked against him, the Irish Sun can reveal.

Although Syed, 39, will never face justice, we outline details of the Garda case against him over the murders of his wife Seema, 37, daughter Asfira, 11 and Faizan, six at their home in south Dublin on October 28, 2020.

Seema, Asfira, and Faizan, were murdered in Ocotber 2020
Seema, Asfira, and Faizan, were murdered in Ocotber 2020
Sameer Syed at the funeral for the victims
Sameer Syed at the funeral for the victimsCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin
The murder scene in Lewellyn Court in Rathfarnham
The murder scene in Lewellyn Court in RathfarnhamCredit: Garrett White – The Sun

Our revelations come after Seema’s heartbroken family were due to arrive in Ireland next week for the trial.

Following the discovery of the mum and her children at their home by members of the garda Armed Support Unit, gardai established how their killer attempted to cover their tracks by leaving the water taps on. Investigator’s believed this was the killer’s way of destroying evidence.

As the probe started, Syed became the prime suspect after Gardai established how there was a history of domestic violence against the brave mum and how the coward had been hit with a barring order.

Syed was due in court charged with assaulting his wife the day after their bodies were found but he never turned up.

Once established as their main suspect, gardai also kept him under surveillance in different parts of the capital.

And despite claiming after the funeral that he was “in pain” over the loss of his family, he continued to remain within the sights of the gardai.

But his web of lies were exposed when he was interviewed by Gardai one month after the horrific murders.

In his voluntary statement to investigators, Syed denied any involvement in the barbaric killings.

He did this by claiming that he was in a different part of the capital at the time of his family’s murders.

But gardai were able to use CCTV images showing that he was in a different place to the one he provided in a statement.

They also believed he covered his head and dressed as a woman as he walked on streets close to the family home.

As part of their probe, they also used phone triangulation which showed what telecommunications mast his phone was pinging off.

It also showed that his phone was in a different location to the one he made in his statement.

Gardai also pointed to his history of abuse of his wife.

And they believed the motive for the killing was because of his wife’s decision to start a new life with her family in India.

Syed had been held on remand at the Midlands Prison before taking his own life on Thursday.

One source said: “He murdered his poor wife and his children because he couldn’t handle the fact he would no longer be in their lives.

“It looks as if he has taken the easy way out because he knows the evidence was stacked against him.”

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