No News here, there in every Town, and County, in Ireland, and these Foreigners are Getting Welfare, Houses, some Passports, and believe it or not, some have joined the Cops. Ireland the Soft Touch?

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Gardai discover ‘significant number’ of illegal immigrants working in Meath premises

– 40m ag

Gardaí have discovered a s ‘significant number’ of illegal immigrants working in a business premises in Meath and have seized a number of fraudulent ID documents following a raid at the location and a nearby residence.

The garda operation was part of an investigation into human trafficking and targeting those involved in facilitating illegal immigration into Ireland.

A number of people working in the premises were illegally living in Ireland and using fake documentation, gardai said.

The multi-agency operation was carried out alongside the Department of Social Protection and the Workplace Relations Commission.

“In the course of the operation, a significant number of persons working at the premises were identified as being illegally present in the State and working in breach of the Employment Permits Act on the basis of fraudulent documentation,” a garda statement read.

“All persons present were interviewed and a number of fraudulent documents were seized, along with personnel files and mobile phones.

“From intelligence obtained during the operation, a subsequent follow-up search was carried out at a nearby private residence. A number of items were seized including fraudulent European ID documents and electronic devices,” it added.

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