Whose Future, is Roisin, Planning for? A bit Confused here, some people, Believe, the Socket Democrats, are very Anti Irish Culture, and Religion, Confused? Roisin, can Propose, what she Likes, its, like Pissing into a Hurricane?

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Rent increase ban and vacant property tax among proposals at Soc Dems conference

Rent increase ban and vacant property tax among proposals at Soc Dems conference

– 59m ago


FREE CHILDCARE, A three year ban on rent increases and the immediate introduction of a vacant property tax are just some of proposals being put forward at the Social Democrats conference this weekend.

Rent increase ban and vacant property tax among proposals at Soc Dems conference

The party will hold its national conference today – the first time it has held an in-person conference since 2019. 

The Social Democrats are currently hovering at the 4% polling figure, according to the latest Red C poll, just above Labour at 3%.

Party leaders’ Catherine Murphy and Roísín Shortall will be seeking to boost those polling numbers in their conference address, which is set to be aired on RTÉ One between 5pm and 5.30pm this evening. 

The rising cost-of-living is the number one issue on the political agenda of late, and not just for the Government. 

The Social Democrats will be discussing the cost-of-living issues during a live debate on the RTÉ News channel today between 12pm-1pm, where politicians will call for the recent temporary reduction in public transport fares to be made permanent. 

The party is also calling for the introduction of a further 15% cut in public transport fares to incentivise the use of public transport (something that is already widely tipped to be in this year’s Budget 2023).

They’re also seeking to impose a windfall tax on energy companies.

The Social Democrats will also call for a €300 refundable tax credit for workers on incomes below €50,000.

Free childcare for all and a three year rent increase ban is also on the party’s list.

In terms of Ukraine, the party will again reiterate its call for Government to expel the Russian ambassador to Ireland.

Another motion calls on the conference to recognise the cultural significance and unique strength that Irish neutrality provides “in allowing us to be a respected and honest broker on the world stage”.


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