Finglas and Gangland War, local people live in Fear?

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Ruthless enemy of ‘Gucci Gang’ boss Mr Flashy released from prison as Gardai on high aler

  • 8:00, 12 Jun 2022

GARDAI are on high alert after a ruthless enemy of gang boss ‘Mr Flashy’ was released from prison.

The thug — who was a close pal of murder victim James Whelan — is now back living in the Finglas area of Dublin.

James Whelan murdered in a  gangland shooting
James Whelan murdered in a gangland shootingCredit: Social media
Scene of James Whelan's shooting
Scene of James Whelan’s shooting

There are fears he could seek revenge on members of the so-called ‘Gucci Gang’ for Whelan’s killing.

The young lout is also a close associate of David ‘Fred’ Lynch, who was murdered by Robbie Lawlor in 2009. Lynch, 26, was blasted three times in the head on wasteland in Coolock, north Dublin, after a double-cross by Lawlor.

Hitman Lawlor was himself shot dead in Belfast in 2020.

On a previous occasion, Lynch’s associate was on his way to target Mr Flashy but was involved in a road smash before they could locate the young gang boss.

One local told us: “Tensions are already high in Finglas without this young criminal coming into the mix. These kids were all once part of the same gang but now they are trying to kill each other.

“People just want to live in peace and to see these young thugs being put behind bars.

“Residents have had enough of the violence but there are concerns it will get worse.”

At present, gardai have maintained covert and overt policing patrols in the area to stop the feuding gangs from targeting each other.

Mr Flashy has recently returned to Ireland after enjoying a lavish holiday.

And Whelan’s mum Sonya, who is not involved in crime, has recently left the area after her home was destroyed in a petrol bombing.

During the last year, gardai have investigated a spate of fire bombings, shootings, attempted abductions, assaults and online death threats.

Both feuding factions have also used various social media platforms to taunt each other.


In the most recent crackdown, four people suspected of involvement in the feud were released. Gardai have also recovered firearms, drugs and cash in the area.

We told how Flashy’s gang were recruiting kids as young as 14 to target their enemies.

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