When you are Driving to Wexford, Dont Forget, to phone Ahead, and Order your Favourite Rat Dish, followed by Rodent Cheese Pie?

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‘Filthy’ Wexford take-away ordered to close as inspection finds ‘infestation’ of flies and evidence of rodents

Mouse droppings were found in the food
                  preparation area at the premises.
Go Go Pizza & Kebabs in Whitemill,
                  Wexford town.

Mouse droppings were found in the food preparation area at the premises.

June 10 2022 11:06 AM

A Wexford restaurant has been issued with a closure order after a Food Safety Authority of Ireland inspector found evidence of rodents in the food preparation area and an “infestation of flies” on the premises.

The owners of Go Go Pizza & Kebabs in Whitemill, Wexford town, Cheema Foods Ltd, were ordered to close the premises following the inspection on May 25, the shocking details of which were revealed this week. In the report, the inspector found that “adequate procedures were not in place to control pests”. 

“An infestation of flies was observed on the premises,” the inspector said. “Mouse droppings were observed on the floor in the food preparation area. The electric fly-killer in the food cooking area was laden with dead flies. There was no evidence of pest control management within the premises.”

Aside from the pests issue, the report stated that Go Go Pizza & Kebabs was found to be dirty.

“The food premises was not kept in a clean or hygienic condition,” the report stated. “The walls, floors and cleaning equipment were grease laden, food encrusted and filthy in all food preparation and storage areas.

“The wash hand basin was not designated for cleaning hands. It was obstructed with greasy equipment and dirty cloths within the basin. Because of the obstruction, the wash hand basin was not available for washing hands.”

The report even found issue with the storage of food on the premises.

“Foods were not stored at appropriate conditions designed to prevent harmful deterioration,” it said. “Two cooked kebab rolls were observed lying on a worktop, uncovered, at ambient temperature from the previous night’s trading.

“Seven black bags of food waste were being stored in a storage room. A foul odour was detected. Some of the bags were torn and leaking onto the floor and numerous flies were observed on and around said bags. There was no evidence of waste being disposed of in a hygienic and environmentally friendly manner.”

The premises was issued with an order to close until a court order to the contrary was obtained or until they received further direction from the HSE.

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