Borlongan, knew Well, he could not Drive, the Rental car; he just plays the Innocent Stupidity Act?

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BAD TRIP Rental car driver who didn’t have a licence banned from road for four years

He had got the vehicle at the last minute to take his carer wife to the home of a 98-year-old client

Driving licence. Stock (PA)

Driving licence. Stock (PA)

June 13 2022 09:10 AM

A MOTORIST caught driving a rental car without a licence or insurance had got the vehicle at the last minute to take his carer wife to the home of a 98-year-old client, a court heard.

Angelo Borlongan (44) said he did not realise he was not eligible to drive at the time and therefore uninsured.

Judge Bryan Smyth banned him from driving for four years and fined him €250.

Mr Borlongan, a sales assistant of Rathmines Road, pleaded guilty. Dublin District Court heard he was stopped driving a rented car at Dorset Street on March 12 last year.

Garda Sergeant Kirsten Somers became aware that Borlongan was ineligible to hold a licence and arrested him.

Defence solicitor Peter Keatings said the accused had got a letter from the NDLS which he had taken as an indication that his licence was valid.

The insurance would have “kicked in” if his licence had been valid, Mr Keatings said.

Mr Borlongan’s wife was a carer and on the night, she had difficulty getting to a 98-year-old woman in north Dublin. The accused rented the car to drive her there.

The accused should have been more aware of his obligations, Judge Smyth said.

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