Bizzare, a very Expensive bag, and 8,000 Euros in Cash, Interesting Case here, of the Alleged Theft?

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Handbag and money worth €11,000 allegedly snatched from vehicle

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June 13 2022 09:41 AM

A WOMAN returning from work in Dublin city centre had her designer handbag and cash with a combined value of €11,000 snatched when she put it down on her car seat, it is alleged.

The woman had just got into her car when the back door was opened and the bag taken, a court heard.

Evan Redmond (20) is accused of being involved in the theft and had his case adjourned after Dublin District Court was told he denied the charge.

Mr Redmond, with an address at Streamville Road, Kilbarrack, pleaded not guilty to theft of a Louis Vuitton handbag and cash.

The offence is alleged to have happened at Old Abbey Street, Dublin 1 on May 13 last year.

Garda Sergeant Tony Flanagan told Judge Bryan Smyth the Director of Public Prosecutions had consented to the case being dealt with in the district court subject to the issue of jurisdiction being considered.

The judge asked for an outline of the allegations so he could decide on this.

Sgt Flanagan said on the day in question, the alleged victim was coming from her place of work and arrived at her vehicle.

She got into her car and placed her handbag on the rear seat. Suddenly, the rear door of the car was opened and the handbag was taken.

It contained €8,000 in cash and the handbag itself was valued at €3,000, Sgt Flanagan said.

There were also other items in it including credit cards. None of the stolen property was recovered.

Mr Redmond and other co-accused were identified as having allegedly been involved in the theft, the court heard.

Judge Smyth accepted jurisdiction after hearing the summary of proposed prosecution evidence, allowing the case to remain in the district court.

The defence solicitor said her client was seeking a date for the hearing of the case on a not guilty plea.

The court heard the case was fully contested and there would be eight prosecution witnesses.

Judge Smyth adjourned the case to a date next month, for mention to fix a date for hearing.

Mr Redmond, dressed in a dark hooded jacket and dark trousers was not required to address the court and was remanded on continuing bail.

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