Well known Criminals, leave Innocent Woman, Injured, Hijack her Car; this is Crime City Dublin, a very Dangerous City, in Daylight, or Moonlight?

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BREAKING Carjackers strike as woman locks up church gates before they lead gardaí on high-speed chase across capital

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June 14 2022 10:28 AM

A woman is recovering in hospital after she was the victim of a terrifying car theft incident in the capital’s north inner city last night in which she was targeted by two violent criminals.

The 54-year-old woman was locking the gate of a church in the Eccles Street area of the capital at around 8pm when two thugs saw an opportunity.

“This was an opportunistic crime and the unfortunate woman suffered a bad bang to the head in the course of this incident,” a source said.

The woman had left her Mitsubishi car running as she was closing the gate and the criminals got into her vehicle.

The woman attempted to try to stop the duo but ended up falling on the ground and hitting her head.

She was later treated for concussion in hospital after emergency services arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile, her vehicle was driven at speed from the area and a Garda alert was put in place for the vehicle.

It was later spotted by officers in the Inchicore area of the capital’s south inner city at around 10pm and it failed to stop when gardaí tried to intercept it.

A short pursuit began and sources said the car was being driven in a “highly erratic and dangerous fashion” before gardaí were able to catch up with it.

The car was reversed into a garda car when signalled to stop, however no one was injured in this incident.

It is alleged that before being arrested one of the suspects produced a knife which was seized by officers.

The two men were detained overnight and are expected to appear in court later.

Sources say that both men are “well known to gardaí” and are suspected of carrying out similar crimes recently.

One of the suspects is a 30-year-old from the Crumlin area and has close links to a man caught with a firearm last year.

He has multiple previous convictions for violent crimes including the unlawful seizure of a car and has served significant jail time.

In a statement the Garda Press Office said the incident took place at about 9.20pm on Monday.

“The injured party was knocked to the ground as the vehicle was taken and she was taken to the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries,” gardaí said.

“Details of the stolen vehicle were circulated and at approximately 10:25pm, Gardaí from Kilmainham Garda Station on patrol observed the vehicle at Southern Cross Avenue, Inchicore.

“The offending car reversed into an official Garda vehicle when Gardaí signalled for the car to stop. No injuries were sustained as a result of this collision.”

Two men, aged in their 30s and 40s, were arrested at the scene and later charged at Kevin Street Garda Station with offences related to the incident involving the recovery of the stolen vehicle only.

The two men will appear in court this morning.

“Gardaí in Mountjoy are following a definite line of enquiry in relation to the hijacking incident on Eccles Street and investigations are ongoing,” gardaí said.

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