All out, Gangland War, in Finglas, Shootings at Taxis in Broadaylight?

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Close associate of ‘Mr Flashy’ suspected of being the target in latest Finglas shooting in broad daylight

 20th June 2022

Two men with alleged links to Finglas feud murder victim James ‘Whela’ Whelan are being questioned tonight about a gun attack earlier today in which rival gang boss ‘Mr Flashy’ and his brother are suspected of being the intended targets.

The two suspects from north Dublin were arrested shortly after the botched gun attack at Tolka Valley Road in Finglas at around 3pm on Monday when a taxi containing the men was allegedly sprayed with gunfire.

It is understood that ‘Mr Flashy’ and his brother fled from the vehicle on foot but gardaí were last night unable to confirm reports that they left a large amount of cash and drugs in the vehicle.

Gardai were also unable to officially confirm who the targets were.

No one was injured in the gun attack which is expected to lead to a major escalation of tensions in the deadly Finglas feud.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, armed officers were observed swarming an area close to the nearby National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin in a hunt for the gunmen who were arrested shortly afterwards.

The duo aged in their 20s and 30s are being held under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act and are being quizzed at Finglas garda station.

This is the latest shooting to happen in broad daylight in Finglas and detectives are investigating if is linked to the bitter gangland feud in the locality that has already led to one gun murder this year and numerous violent incidents such as arson and gun attacks and assaults.

There has been major tensions in Finglas all year with the murder of ‘Mr Flashy’ gang rival James ‘Whela’ Whelan (29) in April stoking gang tensions.

Last week, innocent female relatives of Mr Flashy returned to their home just weeks after it was gutted in a petrol bomb attack.

It was targeted by associates of Whelan, who was shot dead on April 3 in retaliation for the targeting of his innocent mother Sonya’s home while she was inside on the night of May 21.

Yesterday’s failed shooting is now considered yet another flashpoint in the deadly feud in which the ‘Mr Flashy’ mob are said to now have the upper hand in their warfare against rivals, many from the Kippure area of the suburb.

Last month we revealed that threats had been made on social media to a north inner-city criminal following a firebomb attack linked to the Finglas feud.

There were three firebomb attacks on homes in Finglas in that week alone in late May as the feud in the area continues to intensify.

Thugs on both sides have been using social media to taunt rivals as well as innocent family members.

They are also using social media to point the blame at individuals for carrying out specific attacks.

A criminal from Dublin’s north inner city with links to Mr Flashy was threatened online after being blamed for carrying out the firebomb attack on Sonya Whelan’s house.

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