Garda Jessica Feeney, is an Inspiration, to all Female Gardai, get out there, and Flaunt the Curves; Happy Ending, for the Farmer, but not for Garda Feeney. Who knows, with the Gender Equality improving, Jessica, could be in Time, to be interviewed for the role of Commissioner?

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Exposed: Musclebound cop Jessica Feeney had alleged her injuries continued to cause her ‘constant pain and suffering’

Body-building garda withdraws injury
                            claims after weightlifting video shown in

Body-building garda withdraws injury claims after weightlifting video shown in court

This is the bodybuilding garda who withdrew two separate personal injury claims after video was played in the High Court showing her lifting weights exceeding 40kg.

Tim O Shea

By god, they will take any one in the Gardai these days, no wonder the streets are the way they are, the likes of her would ignore anti social behaviour, she should be dismissed as a dishonest Guard and fair play to the Sunday World for printing the story.

Carmel Goldrick

Could be worse I suppose…. she could have fallen off a swing….. 😂😂

Davey Coffey

I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth….. She should be sacked.

Lloyd Franklin

Her career is finished, if she arrested anyone for any crime and testified in court the defendants legal counsel would annihilate her on credibility. I was also under the impression that if someone claims to have anxiety and depression this can prevent…

Paula T Carroll

Handy few bob she thought she’d need it to pay for spray tan she uses 😱

David Pecker Doyle

Should she not face criminal charges like the rest of us do

Evelyn O’Donohoe

She should be prosecuted for perjury & wasting the courts time

Mary Kenny

Believe me the Sunday world did Notting wrong they have better detectives then the garda 😂

Robbie Lee

She should be sacked for attempted fraud but knowing the Garda she will be promoted

Pat Reddan

Surely she can’t remain as a Garda

Jamie Lee

So she lied about a claim, I think a review off ALL HER ARRESTS AND COURT EVIDENCE is in order? Maybe a lot of retrials? Her evidence must be flawed?

Declan G O’Shea

I’d nearly like to be arrested

Gearoid Ward

Any cases she was involved in, should be reviewed 🧐

Jacinta Tang

She’s not corrupt cop just because she changed her carer!!

Mary Kenny

The detective in love hate was a real detective in the drugs unit that set up them taking in for ¹ questioning letting back out with no charge sheet then he would get one on team to spray Tommy is a rat on the flats he was also on the late late he was…

Moss O’Leary

I wonder would she be any good on the Sleán?

Andrea Mcconnell

Further proof of how corrupt cops are 🤦🏻‍♀️

Brendan Kelly

Surely she should be prosecuted for fraud of the insurance company 🤔

Joe Maher

She’s ruined after this regardless too many corrupt Gardai out there still being exposed on a daily basis how can anyone trust them, she’s still on the Garda payroll as far as I understand

Fran O’Dwyer

Might want to see what steroids she’s taking. Her jawline looks dodgy.

Margaret Molloy

The like of these people claiming compo is what is driving insurance to to roof.

Top fan

Zack Simonian

All of a sudden I want to get arrested really bad😘

Pat O’Toole

She’ll never make detective 🕵️‍♀️😂

Top fan

Barbara Doyle

Why couldn’t she work ???

Helen Collins

Well done to the solicitor barrister etc 👏

Terence Patrick

Can never give sworn evidence in a court of law ever again on behalf of the gardai. Serves her right.

Lain Ní Lorcáin

She is defo going to try to sue the sunday world…

Keith Boyce

She should have went the mental health suffering route and said the gyn was needed to keep her mind right. Some people just dumb

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