Mr Bowe, could have, the Gift, of Bi-Location, but I doubt it, Bowe is a Wise man, to Withdraw his Dodgy Claim.

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Insurance claims handler withdraws €60,000 personal injuries case after it’s put to him he was never in car involved in collision

16th June 2022

A claims handler with Allianz Insurance has withdrawn his own €60,000 personal injuries case after a judge told him he was sceptical about the alleged extent of injuries arising out of minimal-impact collisions.

Aidan Bowe (otherwise Aodán Ó Buaidh) of The Waterfront, Chapel Road, Baillieborough, Co Cavan, told Judge James O’Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court he was withdrawing his claim of his own free will.

Barrister Eamon Marray earlier during cross-examination told Mr Bowe that the defendant in his case, Emma Dunne, would give sworn evidence to the court there was no-one apart from the driver in the car in which Mr Bowe claimed he was a passenger and had been injured.

Mr Marray, who appeared for Ms Dunne with Nessa McGerty of Pembroke Solicitors, told Mr Bowe that the defendant would say she had walked around a car which she had collided with just off the M50 in January 2015 and on looking inside had seen no passengers.

Mr Bowe, who claimed he had suffered injuries to his neck and lower back, told Judge O’Donohoe he had sat in the car while the driver, Stephen Ryan, had got out to discuss the accident with Ms Dunne.

Mr Ryan was told by Judge O’Donohoe to wait outside of court while Mr Bowe gave his evidence and was cross-examined by Mr Marray, who put it to Mr Bowe he had not been a passenger in Mr Ryan’s car and was never involved in any accident.

Mr Bowe told Mr Marray he had been suffering from shock and had not got out of the car with Mr Ryan. He said that as a professional claims handler if presented with such a claim he would consider the accident as a minor, low-impact collision.

Judge O’Donohoe was told the physical damage to Ms Dunne’s car, when VAT and labour were stripped away, was just €60.

Mr Bowe told Mr Marray he had been a claims handler with Chill Insurance but had transferred to Allianz Insurance.

When the judge suggested Mr Bowe should privately discuss developments in the case with his legal team he returned to court and said he was withdrawing his claim which was struck then struck out.

Ms Dunne’s address was given as care of AIG Insurance, North Wall Quay, Dublin.

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