Accused sent Instagram request after alleged rape during break-in. One word here, Scary?

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Objecting to bail, garda tells court: ‘It is believed he was looking for a female to rape’

Accused sent Instagram request after
            alleged rape during break-in
Gardaí objected to bail, describing the accused as a flight risk.

Fri, 17 Jun, 2022 – 19:00

A 22-year-old man allegedly raped a young woman in her home in the area around University College Cork during a break-in and later sent her a friend request by Instagram.

Detective Garda John Paul Twomey made these allegations in the case against the young man who was charged with trespassing with intent to commit rape, assault causing harm to the young woman, sexual assault, and rape.

During the objection to bail, Det Garda Twomey said it was alleged that the defendant parked his car in the area at 5am.

“It is believed he was looking for a female to rape. It was Rag Week in the college. It is believed he was looking for an intoxicated female,” the detective said.

Defence solicitor, Killian McCarthy, said the accused man was applying to be released on bail on the charges.

Objections to bail

Det Garda Twomey of the Garda Protective Services Unit objected to bail being granted to the accused, saying that gardaí were of the view that there was a risk of further offences of a similar nature being committed by the accused. 

The prosecution also believed that the accused would not turn up to stand trial if granted bail.

Mr McCarthy, solicitor, said the defendant had been questioned in March about the allegations in this case which relate to March 1 and that he was aware of the allegations and the possibility of serious charges being brought, but he did not try to leave the jurisdiction. 

Det Garda Twomey agreed that this was so.

In March, the accused man was charged with trespassing at four other houses in the area of UCC with intent to commit an offence on the same night as this alleged rape.

Det Garda Twomey said it was alleged that the accused entered the house on March 1 without consent and that while there he raped and sexually assaulted her and also committed the offence of assault causing harm.

“Gardaí at Anglesea Street received a call from a female in a distressed state after 7am that morning. She said she woke to find an unknown male in her bedroom,” Det Garda Twomey said.

On investigation, CCTV allegedly showed that he entered the house at 5.30am and went to the room of another woman in the same house but she told him to go away.

CCTV showed break-ins

The detective said CCTV harvested from 41 properties in the area of UCC showed the defendant breaking into four other houses that night/early morning and trying to open doors on several other properties.

The complainant went to the sexual assault treatment unit that morning.

The detective said the complainant received a friend request from the defendant on Instagram following the alleged rape.

The complainant is in her 20s.

Killian McCarthy, solicitor, said: “I strongly disagree with the suggestion he is a flight risk. Gardaí have control of his passport.”

Judge Olann Kelleher said: “Having regard to the evidence I remand him in custody. The charges are much more serious now (than the trespass counts on which he was charged in March).

The accused man was remanded in custody to appear by video link from prison at Cork District Court on June 24.

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said the Director of Public Prosecutions had directed that the would be dealt with at the Central Criminal Court once a book of evidence is served or if the accused man signs pleas of guilty at Cork District Court.

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