American DEA, Gardai, Dutch and British Police, mean Business?

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Kinahan cartel mobster Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh



Kinahan cartel mobster Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh facing fresh sanctions after release from prison next year

  • Crime Editor
  • 7:00, 20 Jun 2022

CAGED Kinahan cartel boss Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh is the latest member of his mob to be hit with fresh sanctions.

The Irish Sun can today reveal how the UK’s National Crime Agency have drawn up plans to punish Kavanagh — classified as Daniel Kinahan’s “equal partner” — further when he walks out of prison in 2032.

Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh
Thomas ‘Bomber’ KavanaghCredit: PA:Press Association
Mob boss Daniel Kinahan
Mob boss Daniel Kinahan
Ross Browning, 38, last month installed new security cameras at his home
Ross Browning, 38, last month installed new security cameras at his homeCredit: Padraig O’Reilly

Although Kavanagh, 54, received a 21-year jail term for running a €36m drugs smuggling operation, he’s due to be released on licence after ten years.

And when he walks out of Belmarsh Prison in London, he will face a series of sanctions.

At present, the NCA investigators who destroyed the UK branch of the cartel’s operations are finalising their plans for the godfather.

They are expected to include travel restrictions, restrictions on the use of communications devices such as the ‘Pretty Good Privacy’ phones and meetings with criminal associates.

Under the Serious Crime Prevention Order, Kavanagh will also be banned from visiting certain locations and having access to certain financial accounts.

Once the orders have been completed, the kingpin will be made aware of them by appearing in court.

The sanctions will be in place for five years and if broken, Kavanagh will receive an extra five-year jail sentence and a huge fine.

The NCA confirmed their ongoing investigations into one of Ireland’s most dangerous criminals.

An NCA spokesman said: “Action against serious and organised criminals doesn’t end with a conviction. Many serious offenders have had lifelong criminal careers and are likely to reoffend.

“Individuals convicted of serious offences, like Thomas Kavanagh was, can have additional restrictions imposed enabling us to monitor their activity, manage their behaviour and prevent reoffending.

“In Kavanagh’s case, an application has been made and we will be working to pursue this through the courts in due course.”

And as the NCA prepares to complete their latest file on Kavanagh, their proceeds of crime case against the mob boss is ongoing.

If successful, it could lead to Kavanagh losing his €1m pad in the West Midlands, over €250,000 in jewellery and cash from his Birmingham car sale concerns.


Alongside the NCA operation, the Criminal Assets Bureau has also served him papers after they moved to seize a €1m property in Saggart once owned by disgraced businessman James Mansfield.

Kavanagh — along with his partner Daniel Kinahan — is accused by CAB of receiving part ownership of the property from Mansfield in exchange for a €4m failed property investment.

The NCA spokesman added: “In addition, our financial investigation into Kavanagh and his co-conspirators is continuing with a view to stripping them of assets they may have acquired through criminality.”

One investigator also told us: “Bomber is finished — he’s done. When he comes out of prison he will be a pensioner and hopefully the cartel will be consigned to history.

“The investigation is relentless and his head will be spinning because his contract with the cartel has now been terminated. Once he comes out of prison he will have nothing to go back to because his empire will lie in ruins.”


The Irish Sun can also reveal how the most senior member of the gang living in Ireland has gone to ground.

Kavanagh’s close pal Ross Browning, 38, last month installed new security cameras at his home in Garristown, Co Meath, after returning from the UAE.

Since being questioned by gardai on suspicion of travelling on a false passport last month he has stayed in hiding.

One north inner city resident told us: “He betrayed his own community and won’t be welcome back in this area.”

We can also reveal that there was no sign of Browning — who remains a target for the Criminal Assets Bureau — at a relative’s wedding last month.


At present Browning’s boss, Daniel Kinahan, remains in Dubai with the rest of his associates, including wanted murder suspect Sean McGovern.

Kinahan — who has had millions of his assets frozen by the authorities in Dubai and has a $5m bounty on his head — and his associates have decided to remain in the region.

Although their assets have been frozen in Dubai, they are believed to have access to millions buried in accounts in the names of “third parties”.

But there are fears they could try and move to South Africa, Brazil or the Far East as the global crackdown continues.

Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll, from Organised and Serious Crime, also told how colleagues in the US could help bring charges against the cartel leadership.

He said: “The DEA will collect the considerable interest in the reward scheme and if there is evidence for them to bring prosecutions in the US they will do so.

“But we are operating in partnership and they will also provide us with information that might assist our criminal investigations.”

Gardai at Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh's house
Gardai at Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh’s house

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