Just a question: the people across Ireland are suffering, inflation, fuel, food, electricity all increasing, yet this Garda Arkins is alleged to have stolen euros 46 from his colleagues locker. Gardai were well paid during the Covid; they had overtime. Why would a Garda throw his whole Career away for 46 euros, it would not buy you a breakfast these days. Something does not make sense here and let us not forget that there are over 45,000 euros missing from four different Garda stations across the country and yet nobody in those stations are held accountable. Arkins was caught for 46 euros – mind boggling?

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Garda broke into colleague’s locker at station and stole cash from lunch box inside it, court told

Paul Arkins in blue tracksuit

Paul Arkins in blue tracksui

June 21 2022 03:12 PM

A garda broke into a colleague’s locker at a Dublin station and stole cash from a lunch box inside it, a court has heard.

Paul Arkins (33) refused to volunteer his fingerprints when a “very large investigation” into the theft was launched, but a “positive match” was established after he was arrested.

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