Nobody likes to see, any Youngster, in Jail, but Allen, was a Drug Dealer, for how long, we dont know, and No Remorse Shown, Entitled Classes? Imagine a young man, from Finglas, Exactly?

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TV chef Rachel Allen’s son Joshua back behind bars despite ‘made mistakes’ letter plea from gran Darina

  • Ann Mooney
  • 19:31, 27 Jun 2022
  • Updated: 19:47, 27 Jun 2022

THE son of celebrity chef Rachel Allen was back behind bars tonight after a judge advised she needed time to read reports.

Joshua Allen appeared in the Cork Circuit Criminal Court to appeal a sentence of two months for possession of cocaine in July 2020.

Joshua Allen is back behind bars after a judge advised she needed time to read reports
Joshua Allen is back behind bars after a judge advised she needed time to read reports
Joshua Allen with mum Rachel Allen
Joshua Allen with mum Rachel Allen
His grandmother Darina Allen wrote a letter to the court in his defence
His grandmother Darina Allen wrote a letter to the court in his defence

Six weeks before that he had been released from Cork Prison after serving half of a 30 month sentence for dealing cannabis.

But because of re-offending he may have to serve the second half of that sentence.

Today the court heard that his grandmother Darina Allen, of internationally acclaimed Ballymaloe House and Cookery School, had written a letter in defence of the 22 year old saying he had “made mistakes.”

She said that he was changing his ways and that in late 2020 Allen he had discovered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Joshua Allen tells court drugs case 'big mistake' as judge finds he had cocaine

Rachel Allen's son optimistic about 2022 despite possible prison return

She explained in the letter that his local trainer had advised he has a talent.

Ms Allen, Rachel Allen’s mother-in-law, said her grandson was taking the sport seriously and training five or six times a week, something that was giving him a new focus.

And she said he works on the farm in Ballymaloe and is willing to do anything that is asked of him there.

She wrote: “He realises all his troubles have been caused by issues with drugs and alcohol.

“He has disassociated himself from his former associates and he is determined to turn his life around.

“He has told me how much he regrets his actions and with the benefit of hindsight he is acutely aware of the folly of his ways. He is determined to continue on the path he is now on”.

Darina Allen asked the Judge to give her grandson a chance to continue to improve his life.

The court was told by defending barrister Donal O’Sullivan that since the court case for possession of €280 worth of cocaine he had not come to Garda attention.

Mr O’Sullivan said that Joshua left school when he was 15. When asked by the Judge why this was so he replied the teenager he had set his own boundaries.

Since then he had been “meandering along without purpose” and had started using cannabis, the lawyer explained.

He said: “He had an aimless life from the age of 15 to 20.

“He is no longer aimless and loves his sport and working. He is beginning to mature and the maturing process takes time. But he has matured and grown up.”

The court also heard that since September, Allen had been giving urine samples for testing to his doctor. He had eight tests to date, all of which were clear.

Mr O’Sullivan said Allen had a very supportive family and his life now was much more structure, suggesting that his criminal ways are a thing of the past.

He asked the Judge to consider suspending the two months imposed by the district court for cocaine possession.

And he asked her not to reactivate the 15 months previously suspended in the Cork Circuit Criminal Court in light of all the circumstances.

However Judge Sarah Berkeley was told that Allen of Ballynamona, Shanagarry in East Cork, had been stopped for drug driving in April last year.

And she had been advised that just last month near Dungarvan he had been stopped again for the same alleged offence.

The two cases are pending. Allen is strenuously denying the charges.

The judge said she had concerns about the fact that Allen had reoffended just six weeks after being released from prison. She was concerned he had reoffended after attending residential care in Cuan Mhuire and had also been in prison.

Mr O’Sullivan said people fall off the wagon and he fell off the wagon in July 2020 “but he has gotten back up on the wagon and he is loving his life with his work and sport”. He had structure in the treatment centre and in prison, but none when he was released from jail.

Judge Sarah Berkeley said she was adjourning sentencing until next Friday adding: “I want to read everything on file about him”.

The court was told Joshua has changed his ways after discovering boxing and MMA
The court was told Joshua has changed his ways after discovering boxing and MMA

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