How many Desperate People, are in Jail, this morning, for Non Payment, of a TV Licence, and then this Psychic Swindler?

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‘It beggars belief’ – lender supports bid to end ‘psychic swindler’ multi-million debt deal

Couple accept they should have declared luxury Spanish villa

Tom Colton
Villa Penguina

June 28 2022 02:30 AM

A couple’s secret ownership of a luxury Spanish property when they successfully applied to have millions of euro in debt written off “beggars belief”, their mortgage lender has told the High Court.

A judge is now considering whether to terminate the personal insolvency arrangements (PIAs) granted to convicted thief Tom Colton (46) – better known as “the psychic swindler” – and his wife Linda (46) over their failure to disclose their ownership of the villa in Lanzarote.

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