Sashi, a Lowlife Thug, is Jailed; Court did not mention, Sashi’s country of Origin, and how long he was in Criminality? Justice Served?

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Dublin man involved in theft of €35k and assault of two sex workers is jailed

The court heard that Buti Sashi (26), formally of Tyrconnell Grove, Inchicore, Dublin 8 regrets his wrongdoings

Sashi Buti
Sashi Buti

30th June 2022 at 19:30

A Dublin man who was involved in the theft of €35,000 and the assault of two women has been sentenced to five years in prison.

A Dublin company that received an email to update the bank details of one of their suppliers did so and later went on to pay two outstanding invoices to this company. However, several days later, when the company placed an order, they were informed they could not do so until the outstanding invoices were paid.

Garda Sergeant Niall Godfrey told the court that gardaí were contacted when both companies discovered that possible email fraud had been committed.

As a result, Gardaí were in a position to identify the bank account which belonged to Buti Sashi (26), formally of Tyrconnell Grove, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

The court heard the home of Sashi was searched, and documents relating to the bank account in question were seized. He was then arrested and detained. Sashi confirmed the bank account was his and told gardai that he allowed a prostitute to use his bank account.

Gga Sgt Godfrey told the court that the woman in question could not be located. In addition, a total of just over €35,000 could not be recovered as online bank transfers and ATM withdrawals had emptied the account.

Detective Garda Karen Ryan told the court that in 11 June 2017, Sashi offered to pay an escort €80 for her services. While at her apartment in the Dominick Street area of Dublin City, she noticed that he kept moving cushions on her couch.

After the sexual encounter had finished, Sashi moved toward her and began to choke her. A second woman was present in the house, and he demanded his €80 back; otherwise, he would kill her.

A knife was discovered after the incident hidden behind the cushions on the couch, which the injured party disposed of. The court heard that she did not report it straight away, but when she did, she gave details regarding the accused’s tattoos and phone number.

The court heard that gardaí traced the mobile phone number to a sim card purchased in the Meteor store on Grafton Street. CCTV footage was obtained from the shop, and Sashi was identified.

The court heard that two weeks later on 21 June, 2017, a woman who worked as a receptionist for a group of escorts informed one of the women that she had a booking. The man came to the specified address in Heuston South Quarter, and €100 was paid to the woman.

The woman performed oral sex and had intercourse with the man. When they had finished and the man had returned from the toilet, he placed a large kitchen knife to the woman’s neck. Other people in the house came to the women’s aid, and the €100 was returned to the man to get him to leave.

Garda Gareth Daly told the court that an investigation took place and the phone number used to book the escort was the phone number of Buti Sashi.

The court heard that Sashi pleaded guilty in December 2020 to theft regarding a Dublin based company. Furthermore, Sashi pleaded guilty to the assault of both women and the theft of the cash he had paid to them for their services on the day this trail was due to begin in November 2021.

Mr Maurice Coffey, SC, defending, told the court that his client had given his bank details to a prostitute, and he was naive to do so. He said his client was addicted to drugs at the time of the offences and his life was out of control.

The court heard that he regrets his wrongdoings and that these were cowardly offences.

Judge Martin Nolan said the accused comes before the court for three criminal offences. First, he assaulted and choked two ladies. He attempted to extract money by hurting them and threatening them. These were vulnerable women.

Judge Nolan said it seems to some degree that these attacks were planned. The pleas of guilty will be taken into consideration.

For the count of assault on each of the ladies, Judge Nolan sentenced Sashi to three years in prison for each assault with both sentences to run concurrently.

For the count of theft of €35,000, he sentenced Sashi to two years in prison which will be backdated for time already served in custody and consecutive to the three years for the assault charges.

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