I always read, Eoghan Harris, in the Sunday Sindo, never always Agreed what Eoghan Wrote, but he had a Deep Insight, into the Shinners? Keep well?

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Newstalk presenter apologises for ‘false’ tweet about Eoghan Harris

 2nd July 2022

A radio presenter has publicly apologised for a ‘false’ tweet he published about political commentator Eoghan Harris.

Newstalk’s Kieran Cuddihy – who presents the Hard Shoulder –  posted on Twitter last night to “apologise unreservedly” for the tweet, which was published last month.

“On 3rd June 2022 I published a tweet accusing Eoghan Harris of using a Twitter account to ‘sling insults at young journalists based on their looks’. I now accept this accusation is false and I apologise unreservedly to Eoghan Harris for causing him distress,” he said.

Mr Harris was a long time columnist with the Sunday Independent up until May last year, when his contract was terminated.

The termination came about due to Mr Harris’s involvement in the fake Barbara J Pym Twitter account which was set up in February 2020.

Sunday Independent Editor Alan English said Mr Harris’s “position as a columnist became untenable” when he confirmed his involvement in the operation of the account.

“Many of the views expressed – such as opposition to ‘Sinn Féin pressure for a united Ireland’ are in keeping with those articulated by Eoghan Harris in his Sunday Independent column,” Mr English said in a statement at the time.

“Eoghan has accepted that he was one of the founders of the account. He has also stated to me that he was ‘one of a group of people that contributed to a Barbara Pym entity’.

“Having reviewed the account this week I found it frequently went far beyond what I would describe as fair and reasonable comment. Under no circumstances would such material have been published in our newspaper or on Independent.ie,” Mr English’s statement added.

Twitter suspended the Barbara J Pym account.

Two prominent journalists, Allison Morris and Aoife Moore have taken legal proceedings against Mr Harris in relation to content published from the account.

Mr Harris has previously said he would defend the cases and would “see them in court”.

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