People Across Ireland, will Blame, the Fianna Fail Sheep, Backbenchers; many will Lose, their Seats?

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Sinn Féin’s popularity hits record high as majority expect recession next year, poll reveals

SUPPORT for Sinn Féin has now hit a record high as the vast majority of voters expect the country to be plunged into recession within the next 12 months.

Mary Lou McDonald’s party has risen one point in the last month to 36pc – a new record high in the Ireland Thinks monthly poll series for the Sunday Independent.

Sinn Féin’s level of support among voters is now just one point behind the combined level of support for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil which are at 22pc (up two) and 15pc (down two) respectively.

The other member of the Coalition, the Green Party is on 4pc (up one), the same as Labour which is unchanged. The Social Democrats’ support has fallen two points to 3pc, while there is no change in the level of support for Solidarity-People Before Profit on 3pc and Aontú, also on 3pc. Support for Independents and other parties stands at 10pc, an increase of two points.

The cost of living and the housing crisis remain the two most important priorities that voters believe need to be dealt with, with 68pc identifying the cost of living (up six points in a month) and 49pc identifying housing (up two).

A distant third is healthcare at 23pc, while just 10pc of voters identified climate change as among the two most important priorities, with the war in Ukraine identified by 5pc and the resurgent Covid-19 identified by 4pc.

The level of concern among voters about the state of the domestic and global economy as well as the outlook for the coming months is evident in a finding that 78pc of those polled believe there is going to be a recession in the next 12 months, an increase of eight points in a month, while 10pc said there will not be and 12pc are unsure.

Meanwhile, President Michael D Higgins is by far the most popular leader when compared to the leaders of the four largest political parties in the State.

His approval rating stands at 66pc with Ms McDonald trailling the two-term president on 44pc (down 1). Taoiseach Micheál Martin is the most popular of the three Coalition leaders on 41pc (down three), with Tánaiste Leo Varadkar on 35pc (down three) and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan on 18pc (down 3).

The poll was carried out on Friday, July 1. The sample size was 1,133 and the margin of error was +/–3pc

For full poll coverage and expert analysis by Jody Corcoran and Kevin Cunningham see tomorrow’s Sunday Independent and Independent.i

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