Sinn Fein at the moment are flying in the polls; they say they feel the pain of the people, MaryLou feels so stressed that people that people cannot afford the gas and electricity with the inflationary price hikes in the last few months. This is total and complete the Shinner’s Bullshit PR. MaryLou right now has travelled first class to Austrailia, is holding dinners at $3,000 per head. I don’t know if there is an extra $50 for her autograph. The salary of MaryLou and that of her husband has never been disclosed; but it is alleged it is approximately £300,00+ per year and then Pearse Doherty who was overdue a good dressing down in the Dail, thankfully got it last week. Pearse was fucking humbled and this was long overdue. Let us not forget the massive house he has built for him and his family on the coast of Donegal. Then we have Motor Mouth Mr Bean Eoin O’Broin and his sidekick Lynn; they both drive top of the range BMW’s and it is also alleged they have their own in-house chef. Bobby Sands, Brendan Darkey Hughes, would never stand over this charade of wealthy New Sinn Fein. The young people of Ireland need to wake up very quickly and take a good luck at these Shinners and how they preach – there are massive similarities with a CULT. It is very easy to criticise a sitting Government but I dread the day that this current Sinn Fein mea fein party would ever be in Government because Pearse Doherty actually believes he is an eminent expert economist – in a way it is like asking Magilla Gorilla to paint the Sistine Chapel.

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