Ian Bailey the Victim, it is Alleged, the Two old Dears, were in their Eighties, Poor Bailey, the Englishman, Storyteller, and Gardiner. Bless the poor, Lonely Soul?

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Ian Bailey confronted and abused by two angry women who shouted ‘murderer, murderer’ as he manned market stall

 – 51m ago

Ian Bailey was confronted and abused by two angry women about the unsolved killing of French woman Sophie Toscan du Plantier over the weekend.

© Collins CourtsIan Bailey leaving the High Court

They publicly shouted “murderer, murderer“ at him as he manned a market stall in Bantry, Co Cork on Friday in front of hundreds of people.

They then turned up to a local bar the following evening, where Mr Bailey was reading poetry at the West Cork Literary Festival.

They once again started heckling him and were eventually asked to leave by the manager and security staff.

It is believed the two women are from Co Mayo.

Bailey, who was found guilty in absentia by a French court of Sophie’s murder and sentenced to 25 years’ jail in 2019, has denied any involvement in her death.

He was arrested twice but never charged.

Ms Du Plantier was bludgeoned to death in the garden of her holiday home in Schull, west Cork in December 1996.

Speaking about the incident with the two women, Mr Bailey said: “This type of abuse happens all the time.

“It just goes with the territory.

“It is embarrassing but I just get on with life and do whatever I am doing at the time. I don’t let it get to me.”

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