A Family Grieving, so many young Men, in Early Graves, because of Drug Debts, at least, this Murderer Thug, is Jailed for Life, Cooney will do at least 18 Years?

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Murdered dad Jordan Davis double-crossed for €70k debt to Kinahan gang thug after thinking it was cleared

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  • 7:00, 11 Jul 2022

A YOUNG dad who was murdered in front of his baby son because he owed €70,000 was convinced his debt had been cleared by a Kinahan cartel hitman.

The Irish Sun today reveals for the first time how gardai investigated if Jordan Davis, 22, handed over part of the cash to Caolan Smyth, 30, to pay the debt to a volatile drug dealer from Coolock in north Dublin.

Murdered dad Jordan Davis, 22
Murdered dad Jordan Davis, 22Credit: Refer to Caption
Wayne Cooney was jailed for life for the murder
Wayne Cooney was jailed for life for the murderCredit: Paddy Cummins/IrishPhotodesk.ie
Mother Jordan Davis Sandra Davis who gave a victim impact statement with partner Robert and Peter Finnegan
Mother Jordan Davis Sandra Davis who gave a victim impact statement with partner Robert and Peter FinneganCredit: Collins Photo Agency
The funeral of Jordan Davis in the Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Darndale
The funeral of Jordan Davis in the Church of Our Lady Immaculate, DarndaleCredit: Garrett White – The Sun

But Smyth — now serving a 20-year sentence over an attempt to kill Hutch family associate James ‘Mago’ Gately in May 2017 — is believed to have kept the cash.

This then led to the drug dealer recruiting Wayne Cooney, 31, from Tallaght, to kill Davis as he pushed his four-month old son at a lane-way beside Our Lady of Immaculate National School in Darndale in Dublin on May 22, 2019.

During the ambush, Davis was hit three times, including once in the head, as the hitman fired off eight shots.

One local told us: “Davis thought he had sorted the debt and that’s why he was happy to walk around his own area.

“Smyth was acting as an enforcer at the time and had collected some cash but the main dealer never received it.

“Davis was naive to think that the debt had been sorted and he thought he was in the clear.

“The only thing that mattered to the dealer was money and he had no problem ordering a hitman to kill Davis in front of his child.”

We can also reveal that gardai believe Cooney was recruited for the hit because he “idolised” the gangster.

At the time, Cooney was also in a relationship with the drug dealer’s sister.

During Cooney’s trial for the murder of Davis, the drug dealer who sanctioned the hit was identified only as ‘CD’.

The major gangland figure — who lost cash to the Criminal Assets Bureau — is a suspect in one other murder and linked to a spate of gun attacks.

Although both Davis and Cooney had connections to some of the gangsters involved in the Finglas feud, the murder wasn’t linked to that dispute or tensions between rival gangs in Ballymun.

Investigators also believe the murder was Cooney’s first hit.


Although he had been jailed for drug offences in 2008, he had never been arrested before for any gangland shootings.

Another source added: “It appears Cooney was in awe of the drug dealer and would have done anything for him.

“The drug dealer knew this and manipulated Cooney for his own selfish interests.

“Cooney was expendable to the dealer and it won’t bother him one bit that his friend has received a life sentence.”

During Cooney’s trial, the court heard that the callous killer circled Davis for three days like a “shark moving towards its prey”.


Cooney pleaded not guilty to murder and also not guilty to possessing a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and to possessing ammunition in suspicious cicrumstances.

But the jury rejected his not guilty pleas and found him guilty on all counts.

The court also heard how ‘CD’ had sent warnings to Davis in two mobile phone text messages that read: “I’m on your case mate, it won’t be long” and “soon, very soon — bang bang”.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt described the trial as “distressing” and also branded the reckless nature of the gun attack as “astonishing”.

Following the shooting, Cooney was quickly identified as a suspect after he was identified by a garda on CCTV.


His DNA was also found on a glove in an area of Belcamp Lane where the shooter could be seen discarding clothing, including a body warmer.

He was also identified returning to the same area to retrieve the body warmer 20 minutes after the shooting. The bungling hitman also used his phone to ring ‘CD’ and was caught on CCTV using his phone.

The trial heard Cooney had been on a bicycle circling the area in the days and hours leading up to the shooting “like a shark circling its prey”.

Cooney, with an address at Glenshane Drive in Tallaght, had pleaded not guilty to the murder of Davis at a lane-way beside Our Lady of Immaculate National School in Darndale in Dublin on May 22 2019.

He also pleaded not guilty to possessing a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and to possessing ammunition in circumstances that give rise to the reasonable inference that he did not have them for lawful purposes.

A jury took just a little over three hours to find him guilty following a trial that ended earlier this week.


Prosecution barrister Bernard Condon SC told the jury that the circumstantial evidence against Cooney was such that he was either the shooter or the “most unlucky person ever”.

Mr Justice Hunt said Davis’s death served as a “sad lesson” on the dangers of getting involved in drug crime.

The trial heard that before the murder a local drug dealer threatened to kill Mr Davis because the deceased owed him €70,000.

Although Mr Davis was involved in crime, Mr Justice Hunt said that should be dealt with by the police and courts and “not barbarians running around brandishing semi-automatic pistols and discharging them in the vicinity of innocent men, women and children”.

He said Mr Davis had a right to life and his family and society have the right to a “proper investigation and prosecution of this monstrous outrage”.


Mr Justice Hunt sentenced Cooney to the mandatory term of life imprisonment for murder, saying that Cooney is “obviously an extremely dangerous individual”.

He said he should not be considered for release until that danger is negated “long in the future”.

He noted that Cooney had fired eight times, striking Mr Davis three times, and was “astonishingly reckless” as to the danger posed to Mr Davis’s baby and another child who happened to be cycling through the lane when Cooney opened fire.

The judge sentenced Cooney to 13 years in each instance for possession of the firearm and the ammunition he used to murder Mr Davis.

Those sentences will run concurrently with the life sentence.

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