McNamara, Barrister, one of the Brightest men, in Dail Eireann, Means Business, Up the Banner County?

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Independent Clare TD will vote against Government in Sinn Féin’s no-confidence motion

11th July 2022

  • Clare Independent Michael McNamara — a former Labour Party TD — says he will be voting no confidence in the Government tomorrow.

Mr McNamara, had been seen as a reliable vote against a possible general election as a mainstream non-party Deputy, said he was voting no confidence “because the Government is making no attempt to control the things it can control.”

He added that he had not been contacted by the Taoiseach since the Sinn Féin motion of no confidence in the three-party coalition was announced last week.

“My main reason for voting no confidence is because of the mess Government is making of legislation. It is not affording enough time for debate,” he told

“Laws are boomeranging out of the Oireachtas and straight into the courts, where they are found faulty, and boomeranging back into the Dáil.

“And still the Government doesn’t learn. It is hastily preparing legislation and then according half an hour to debating it, so that it is not properly produced and examined.

‘That is why I will be voting no confidence. The Government is making no attempt to control the things it can control. It is doing things in a careless way,” he added.

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