A Simple Question, after all this time, Who the Fuck, is He, Rossi, Knight, or Brown? Very Confusing?

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Man (34) who vanished in Ireland reappears in Scotland under a false name

Nicholas Rossi travelled to Ireland from the US in 2017 before vanishing without a trace

Nicholas Rossi, also known as Nicholas Alahverdian, travelled to Ireland from the US in 2017 before vanishing without a trace.
Nicholas Rossi, also known as Nicholas Alahverdian, travelled to Ireland from the US in 2017 before vanishing without a trace.

Clodagh MeaneySunday World

Fri 8 Jul 2022 at 14:04

An American man who vanished in Ireland has reappeared in Scotland under a false name.

Nicholas Rossi, who was wanted in the US on rape charges stemming back to 2008, travelled to Dublin from the USA in 2017. After entering the country, the fugitive vanished without a trace.

It has now been revealed that he made his way to Glasgow undetected where he has been living under the false name of Arthur Knight.

His real identity was discovered in December 2021 when he was admitted to hospital with Covid-19.

On Thursday, he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with acting aggressively toward staff at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on Wednesday. It has been alleged that he shouted, swore, lunged at and pursued a consultant and a nurse. He pled not guilty to the charge.

The court further heard how fingerprints taken from officers suspicious of his identity last year have confirmed that he is in fact Nicholas Rossi.

In January 2020 he told media he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma before faking his death a month later.

Nicholas Rossi, who has also used many other aliases including Nicholas Alahverdian is wanted in connection with the rape of a woman (21) in Utah in September 2008.

He is also alleged to have assaulted other women in Rhode Island, Ohio and Massachusetts.

The man in question insists that his name is Arthur Knight and has claimed he has never set foot in the United States.

In opposing his request for bail, prosecutor Julie Clark said: “He appears today as Arthur Knight but has previously been identified by medical professionals and civilians as Nicholas Rossi.

“He has at least 10 aliases and is known in the US as Nicholas Rossi or Alahverdian and speaks in an American accent.

“He is known by his wife’s family as Nicholas Brown and speaks in an Irish accent.”

“He is recorded at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as Arthur Winston Brown and identified himself on Tuesday as Arthur Knight and speaks in an English accent,” she continued.

“Fingerprints taken when he was arrested for this matter were confirmed to be Nicholas Rossi.”

Appearing in court in a wheelchair and wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, prosecutors say that there is nothing wrong with him.

“The Crown have received a number of medical reports from doctors involved in his care which state there is no concern related to his lungs,” Julie Clark continued.

“The description of seizures given by those who have witnessed them were satisfied they were otherwise faked.”

Clark said that extensive investigation found that he travelled to Dublin in 2017 but there was no record of him entering the United Kingdom, and it is not known how he made it to Glasgow.

As bail was denied, a trial date has been set for August 19th.”He was involved in a relationship with a UK national. He then found another relationship and married in February 2020 using the name Nicholas Brown, which is on the marriage certificate.”

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