The Touts are Starting to Tell the Tales, Mr Big, must feel very Small Tonight?

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Dublin drugs trafficker ‘Mr Big’ behind €1m cocaine haul seized by Gardai

“The floodgates have opened. Not only are they suffering seizures of drugs and cash but we are also sweeping up significant figures working with them in the UK,” a source said.

Photo of the cocaine seizure and inset, Mr Big
Photo of the cocaine seizure and inset, Mr Bi

Today at 20:49

The criminal known as Mr Big was behind a million euro haul of cocaine seized at Dublin airport this week.

The 16 kilos of coke was seized in a joint Garda and Revenue operation which was led by intelligence fed through the Garda’s new liaison office in Bogota, Colombia.

The coke was tracked from South America through Germany and onto Dublin where it was set to be distributed.

Gardai are focusing on Mr Big’s operation as he attempts to grow in the vacuum left by the dismantled Kinahan organisation but say he is one of many major distributors who are falling foul to a tsunami of touts feeding information to police.

Mr Big has become a major wholesaler on the north side of Dublin and up through Meath and to the border areas. While he always held a close association with the Kinahan mob he is understood to also use his own suppliers.

The gang known as the Family are the biggest concern on the south side of the city and they too have been growing at unprecedented levels in recent years.

However, both Big and the Family are showing no ambitions to move abroad and instead like to remain on home turf meaning they are easier from a tactical point of view to police.

Sources say that a wealth of intelligence is flooding in through crime hot lines established to harness information on the newly sanctioned Kinahan mob but the Garda’s presence in South America is also paying dividends. As underworld fixers turn informants, fresh leads have been opened up for officers trying to establish routes being used by Big and The Family

This week the Kinahan mob were dealt another blow when two key operatives from Manchester were arrested and almost euro 7 million worth of cannabis was uncovered in County Kilkenny.

Officers from the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau along with Revenue searched a business premises at Ballyhale in Kilkenny where the cannabis was found.

“The floodgates have opened. Not only are they suffering seizures of drugs and cash but we are also sweeping up significant figures working with them in the UK,” a source said. “This is proper intelligent led investigations and the Kinahans and indeed Mr Big will know how good the information is.”

The Kinahan mob are being hit in a multi-pronged approach as police move in for the final takedown of their vast 1 billion dollar organisation. The collapse of business used by them to launder money, 5 million dollar bounties on the heads of Christy Snr and Daniel and Christopher Jnr and paranoia amongst their underlings has everyone abandoning them like rats from a sinking ship.

Across the UK and Ireland an unprecedented amount of Kinahan product has been seized in intelligent led operation as they desperately try to keep the massive show on the road and their lieutenants paid for their silence.

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